With the Connections Project scheduled to complete physical works by October 2020, GMW is now looking to identify new opportunities to continue improving the efficiency and level of service for our customers, rationalise assets to keep future costs down and provide an economic stimulus for the region.

The Victorian Government has identified an additional project that is outside the criteria of the Connections Project and is now being considered for funding through the Commonwealth Government’s $1.5B Water Efficiency Program. This is a program introduced to provide funding to upgrade the water infrastructure in the Murray Darling Basin. Delivery of this project is consistent with the Victorian Government’s commitment at the Murray-Darling Basin Ministerial Council, which agreed to a package of environmental works and measures. The resulting agreement ensures no further water can be taken from irrigators and farming communities as part of Victoria’s contribution to the 62 GL of water to be recovered.

The Water Efficiency Project (Project) is modernisation and rationalisation works that have been identified across the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District (GMID) to deliver automation and rationalisation opportunities and water savings. The Project is expected to benefit approximately 1,000 customers by modernising or decommissioning more than 250 km of channels and upgrading or rationalising more than 1,000 outlets.

These water efficiency projects will not take water from the consumptive pool, instead they will be removed from the loss provision. Water savings totalling 15.9 GL will be achieved by undertaking these works.

The Project is entirely consistent with and contributes to GMW’s Strategic Goals. The Project provides the opportunity for the recovery of water through investment in efficiency measures, which will generate benefits for local and regional communities, reduce the ongoing asset financial liability and achieve environmental enhancements. The project also contributes to sustainable business and water security objectives.

Irrigation Area Customers to benefit Channels to be treated Outlets to be treated
Central Goulburn 270 63 km 274
Loddon Valley 50 38 km 42
Murray Valley 110 33 km 114
Rochester 150 19 km 174
Torrumbarry 220 79 km 238
Shepparton 200 24 km 179
Total 1000 256 km 1021

Engage Victoria - Socio-economic assessment of the project

GMW have now submitted the Water Efficiency Project proposal, including documentation of how it meets the socio-economic criteria, to the Victorian Government. The Victorian Government will take the views of the public into account when assessing water efficiency projects against the agreed socio-economic criteria.

For more information visit the Engage Victoria website

How have we engaged so far?

As part of seeking agreement to commence the Project, GMW is consulting with customers and key stakeholders to ensure the project meets the socio-economic criteria, generates water savings and has the support of the community. 

We recently held two one-hour webinars on Friday 14 and Monday 17 August for customers affected by these proposals to provide the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback. A copy of the presentation and summary of notes from the webinars are below:


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