GMW Service Plans

Our customers have the opportunity to partner with us in shaping the services they receive through the development of a series of Service Plans for GMW’s services.

These Service Plans will outline how we manage services into the future, align with our resilience principles, underpin a prosperous region, and ensure our business is financially and environmentally sustainable into the future.

There are 10 prescribed services we are developing Service Plans for:

  • Gravity Irrigation
  • Pumped Irrigation
  • Drainage
  • Water Districts
  • Flood Protection
  • Diversions
  • Fee for Service
  • Bulk Water
  • Constructing Authority
  • Land and On Water

In addition to underpinning the GMW Service Strategy, these Service Plans will form the basis of our 2024-28 Pricing Submission.

For more information on the Service Plans please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Engaging with our customers

We are committed to meaningful and transparent engagement with our customers across the region in the development of these Service Plans. Throughout the engagement process we will be seeking feedback and ideas from our customers and the broader community on the services we deliver that affect them.

Each Service Plan will be delivered on a slightly different timeline to ensure that our proposed engagement process can adapt if required. At a minimum, a six step engagement process will be undertaken for each of the service plans:

Phase One

Focusing on internal stakeholders, with the inclusion of GMW’s customer representative Water Service Committees (WSC), Phase One seeks to gain insights on issues and opportunities for services as a whole, as well as to inform the next phases of the engagement.


Phase Two

Utilising GMW’s YourSay@GMW webpage and an online survey, Phase Two will initiate engagement with customers and stakeholders seeking to understand what their visions and identified issues are for the services they receive at present, as well as any potential opportunities they see in to the future.

Phase Three

Phase Three will see the commencement of targeted engagement through the use of Focus Groups. The outcomes of this phase will identify what is negotiable and non-negotiable for customers.

Phase Four

By refining customer negotiables and non-negotiables through the previous engagement phases, utilising workshops, Phase Four will co-design service models and options with customers.

Phase Five

Through Phase Five GMW will host a Deliberative Forum for affected customers to consider the outcomes of the co-design work, options available, potential price implications and any trade-offs that need to be considered.

Phase Six

Phase Six will “close the loop” on engagement process. This will be done through localised engagement with WSCs and small influential customer groups. This will also preclude internal GMW reviews and approvals.


We will also be engaging with various stakeholders during the development of the Service Plans, including government agencies and agricultural groups.

GMW will continue to monitor current Victorian Government advice and adhere to COVIDSafe settings. This means, at times engagement activities we have planned may change if there are changes in restrictions.

Current engagement opportunities

Customer Survey

We are inviting Gravity, Diversions, Water District, Pumped Irrigation and Flood Protection District customers to complete a short survey so we can better understand the opportunities to amend/adjust our services to better meet the needs of their property, farm and /or business.

The survey is open until Sunday 3 October 2021, and all information gathered will be anonymous.

To complete the survey, please click here.

More information

If you have any questions about the development of GMW's Service Plans, please email