Domestic Wastewater Management Plan

A Domestic Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP), in simple terms, is a strategy developed by Council in conjunction with relevant stakeholders such as GMW to manage on site domestic wastewater within the relevant municipality. 

In accordance with Planning Permit Applications in Open, Potable Water Supply Catchment Areas (November 2012) guidelines, a DWMP will be considered an acceptable basis for the relaxation Guideline 1 provided the requirements of the guidelines are satisfied. 

The Mansfield Shire Council DWMP was developed, in consultation with GMW and other relevant stakeholders, and adopted by Council in August 2014. You can read their DMWP and its supporting documents at the Mansfield Shire Council website.

As part of the requirements of the DWMP, an inspection regime must be carried out to better inform residents and landowners of their obligations in relation to onsite wastewater system maintenance and on going compliance with permit conditions.

Other shires which have Domestic Wastewater Management Plans include:

 Andrew Rickards presenting findings of inspected septic systems at an LCA workshop.