Katunga WSPA

Katunga Water Supply Protection Area

Facts and Stats
Area: 2,100km2
PCV: 60,577 ML
Allocations: 70%

The Katunga Water Supply Protection Area (WSPA) incorporates parts of the flood plains of the Murray River, Broken Creek and the Goulburn River. The WSPA extends between Yarrawonga to Barmah and includes the towns of Strathmerton, Cobram, Numurkah and Nathalia.

The Katunga WSPA applies to groundwater at depths greater than 25 metres below the ground surface and is typically overlain by the Shepparton Irrigation Region Groundwater Management Area.

Groundwater management

The Katunga WSPA Groundwater Management Plan was developed by a Consultative Committee appointed by the Minister for Water. The Plan was approved in 2006 and amended by a Consultative Committee in 2017.

The Plan provides the local community, and in particular licensed groundwater users, with information about the groundwater system and rules describing how the resource is managed.