Greens Lake

Water Storage Levels

Last Updated 21/08/2019
Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Current Volume 15909
% of Capacity 48.95
Capacity (ML) 32500

Recreational Facilities

Large Grassed Area Car Parking Boat Ramp Fishing Camping Toilets

Facts & Figures

Name Greens Lake
Stream Offstream
Year of Completion 1968
Construction 1966 - Nov 1968
Full Supply Level 102.20 m AHD
Capacity 32,500 ML
Area Submerged 905.5 ha
Main Embankment Length m
Main Embankment Height m
Hydro-electric Generation MW

News and Announcements

Works on toilet blocks at Greens Lake

Works are underway to replace failing toilet blocks at Greens Lake, along with a number of other storages.

Timeframes for the works are from mid-July to late July 2019.

For more information, see our News page.

Land and On-Water Management Plans

Greens Lake Land and On-Water Management Plan   The Greens Lake Land and On-Water Management Plan 2014 is now available at our L&OWMP page.

The objectives of the draft plan focus on what people value, use and enjoy at the storage. GMW will be working with key agencies over the coming months to establish a Plan Implementation Group who will help prioritise and guide the implementation of actions in the plan.

Copies of the plan are also available from GMW’s Rochester office and the Corop store.

Greens Lake



Greens Lake is an off stream storage situated approximately 7.5 kilometres north-east of the small township of Corop. Greens Lake's only catchment is from rainfall and floodwater runoff.


Greens Lake is a natural basin, and few works were required to convert the basin into a storage. Construction of a pump station and pipelines commenced in 1966, and opened in October 1968.

The pipelines and pump station construction started in 1966 and the lake were officially opened in October 1968.


Greens Lake is used to supplement the Waranga Western Channel that supplies water to the Rochester and Pyramid Hill-Boort irrigation areas.

The lake is connected to the Waranga Western Channel via two pipelines. Any surplus flow on the channel during late winter or early spring is diverted to Greens Lake via a pipeline under gravity, and is later used during periods of peak demand to manage flow.

Supplements from Greens Lake are pumped to the Waranga Western Channel through the same pipes used for gravity supplies to the storage. There are three pumps that deliver 80.5 ML/d each and two pumps that deliver 122 ML/d each. The maximum discharge with all pumps operating is 490 ML/d.


Recreation and Tourism at Greens Lake

Facilities Available

Large Grassed Area Large Grassed Area
Car Parking Car Parking
Boat Ramp Boat Ramp
Fishing Fishing
Camping Camping
Toilets Toilets
Please observe all signs and directions around our storages for information on recreational activities. Refer to the Land and On-Water Management Plan (if provided above) for detailed information on the facilities available.

Further Information

Greens Lake is a natural basin and it's only catchment is from rainfall and floodwater runoff.

The lake has a small picnic area with toilet facilities and a boat ramp. It is a popular place in the summer with the local population, and has hosted Victorian Ski Club meetings over a number of years.

Visitors are asked to exercise caution and be aware of the dangers associated with low water levels.

Greens Lake Fact Sheet

Greens Lake Fact Sheet

Click here to read By-law No. 1/2013 - Recreation Areas

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