Stuart Murray Canal Radial Gates Replacement 2019

The Stuart Murray Canal transfers water from the Goulburn River at the Goulburn Weir near Nagambie, through the rural areas around Murchison and Dhurringile, to the Waranga Basin near Rushworth. Along its length, the canal has six offtakes that supply parts of the Central Goulburn irrigation area.

The project

Between May and July 2019, we will be working on the Stuart Murray Canal offtake at the Goulburn Weir near Nagambie.

Originally constructed with the main weir in 1890 and remodelled in the 1960s, the Stuart Murray Canal’s offtake structure is located on the western side of the weir.

The offtake originally consisted of 20 vertical steel gates. During its 1967 upgrade, 10 of these gates were replaced with four radial gates. Since then, the water supply from the Goulburn Weir pool has been controlled with these radial gates.

This new $650,000 project, funded by GMW, will replace the radial gates. These have been in operation since 1967 and are nearing the end of their service life. Replacing the gates will ensure the long term reliable and safe supply of water to our customers.

We are working with State Government agencies, local government and community organisations to ensure minimal impact on the environment, tourism and recreation during the project.

Access to Goulburn Weir

The Goulburn Weir and its adjoining recreational area will remain open and accessible throughout the upgrade; however, for safety reasons, the Stuart Murray Canal’s offtake structure, walkover and adjoining carpark will be closed from 24 May to 12 July 2019.

Lake Nagambie

To safely complete the gate replacement the Stuart Murray Canal must be empty.

To maximise our ability to capture water during the project, we plan to temporarily lower the water level in Lake Nagambie and the Goulburn Weir pool by up to 50cm (0.5 metre).

Water quality will not be affected by the works and the water level will return to normal once the work is complete.

Lowering the lake may provide residents with the opportunity to undertake works on existing jetties and private boat ramps.

Any new foreshore infrastructure development must be licenced however. Please contact GMW on 1800 013 357 or see GMW’s Foreshore Occupation Licence web page for more information.

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