Water Resources

Water Resources
Goulburn-Murray Water is responsible for the management of seven river basins and their associated water supply systems, north of the Great Divide covering approximately 68,000 square kilometres. Each river basin is composed of the catchment for one or more major rivers and their tributaries.

The catchment of a water body (river, stream, dam, etc.) is the area of natural and man-made landscape from which water flows into the water body.

Each water supply system is unique as they form part of the natural landscape.

Water Resources within each supply system are allocated to various parties including urban authorities, irrigators and the environment in accordance with the Water Act 2006 and all relevant state legislative bulk entitlement orders.

Customers located in the GMW region can access or receive delivery of water by a number of methods depending on the water supply systems, the customer's geographic location and license types held.

Customers are classified by customer groups based on their access to water:

Unregulated Rivers and Creeks

Private diverters (pumpers) whose properties adjoin unregulated rivers and creeks where water flows without control or regulation.

Storage Diversions

Private diverters (pumpers) whose properties back directly onto a storage.

Regulated Rivers

Private diverters (pumpers) who order and access water in regulated river reaches downstream of a storage where flows can be regulated.

Diversion Channels in Irrigation Areas

Gravity fed diversion of water from GMW diversion channels onto a private property channel network through a water wheel or automated door.

Groundwater Bores

Customers with a license to extract from a groundwater bore located on their property.

Farm Dams

Customers with a license to fill and extract water from a farm dam that fills naturally on their property.