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This page has useful information for Club Committees, Club Liaison Officers and Occupants (Site Holders) of the recreational clubs around GMW's lakes, dams and reservoirs. This excludes Registered Caravan Parks.

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Guidelines for Club or Site Works

If clubs or Occupants (Site Holders) wish to develop or conduct works there are some guidelines they must follow. These are detailed in the Club Development Standards.

The Club Development Standards assist clubs in preparing works applications and applications for upgrade. They should also be used as a guide when clubs assess an Occupant application or conduct compliance audits.

In addition, clubs can download an  individual site works application form and customise it with their own club logo or requirements. This application form can then be distributed to Occupants.

As an Occupant, the  Club Development Standards outline what your Club Committee will look for when they assess your application for works.

Please note that in accordance with these standards, monitoring and approving Occupant site works are the responsibility of the Club Committee. It is also the club’s responsibility to maintain records of repairs, refurbishments and alterations to the club and individual sites.

Club Lease

It’s important Club Liaison Officers and the Club Committee are familiar with their club’s lease. The lease is the guiding document for the requirements the club must comply with to maintain their leasehold.

A copy of your lease can be provided to the Club Liaison Officer by completing the Lessee Request for Letter of Consent or Copy of Record Form

Annual Club Audit

Regular club audits ensure that clubs are meeting their lease requirements as well as other legislation. They ensure sites are maintained to appropriate levels in the interest of health and safety and the environment.

Audits are held annually and are conducted by the club for submission to GMW. The Club Committee or nominated Club Liaison Officer is responsible for ensuring the audit is conducted under the guidelines provided by GMW.

GMW may conduct spot checks throughout the year. The club will be notified prior to an inspection.

The nominated Club Liaison Officer will be notified of the upcoming annual audit via email. The following documents will be provided in the email:

The following sample templates are available for club use:

The Club's effluent system must be inspected, maintained and plans and procedures kept on site at the Club. The Club Effluent System Inspection and Maintenance template may help your Club track and understand the requirements.

The Club’s Effluent Emergency Response Procedure must be regularly updated. Our sample Effluent Emergency Response Procedure may help your Club develop theirs.

It is the club’s responsibility to ensure Occupants of each site comply. The Club Liaison Officer may wish to distribute these forms for Occupants to complete and return to them.

Please note; this information does not need to be submitted to GMW as part of the audit.

Club Committee and Club Liaison Officer

The Club Liaison Officer must be confirmed at the time of the annual audit however your Club should notify GMW within 14 days of a change by completing the Club Liaison Officer Nomination Form
and submitting it to GMW via