Review of Foreshore Occupation Licences

Review of Foreshore Occupation Licences now complete

In October 2019, GMW established a Foreshore Licensing Customer Working Group to partner in the development of a fair and equitable approach for GMW owned and managed land adjacent to storages and waterways.

Since then, GMW and the 32 members of the working group (across Lake Eildon, Nagambie Waterways and Lake Mulwala) have met, discussed, provided valuable feedback, and commenced the process of reviewing and making changes to what these proposed licences look like.

The current economic climate and social distancing measures have severely impacted the ability to provide effective and timely engagement as would normally be the case. Based on feedback from our Customer Working Group and following a more detailed review by GMW, we have come to a decision on Foreshore Occupation Licensing.

These decisions aim to provide a sustainable and manageable outcome for both customers and GMW at a time where there is significant uncertainty within our communities.

GMW will accept new applications from adjoining landowners at other storages, with a focus on licensing existing structures, with any substantial unauthorised structures assessed on a case-by-case basis.

What these decisions mean for our customers

  • Foreshore Occupation Licence renamed to Occupation Licence to reduce confusion
  • Increase of standard jetty size from 12m2 to 16m2
  • Grandfathering rules applied to fees for existing approved jetties larger than 16m2, unless a new licence is implemented
  • Recognition that one size does not fit all
    • Transportable jetty fees are now included for new licences in Eildon taking into account variable water levels
    • Boat ramp fees have been adjusted to allow for formed tracks that are primarily used for launching boats
  • Paths and steps have been included as part of jetty licences at no additional cost to allow for safe access
  • All current jetty and boat ramp licences will remain in over-holding with CPI increases per annum
    • The will remain in over-holding indefinitely unless:
      • the landowner sells or transfers their licence upon sale of the adjoining land (including to a relative or friend, or in a will) - the over-holding licence will be cancelled upon settlement and a new occupation licence offered to the Purchaser.
      • any additional structures or upgrades will trigger a cancellation of the licence and a new occupation licence will be offered.
    • If the above occurs, the licence will switch over to a new Occupation Licence and its associated terms, conditions and fee structure.

Occupation Licence Fees (from 1 July 2020)

Applicable to new customers, or upon sale of a property, or upon any additional works/structures or upgrades being implemented on a previously licensed site.

Term 10 years (fees charged annually)
Applications Fee (GST exempt) Application Fee on new licences subject to annual pricing reviews
Jetty Fee (excl. GST)
  • Jetty Licence (Fixed or Floating – up to 16m2) - $595
  • Jetty Licence (Transportable – 16m2 – Eildon ONLY) - $275
Note: Jetty Licences include direct paths and steps for safe access provided they meet Australian Standards.

Boat Ramp Fee (excl. GST)

  • Boat Ramp (Concrete) - $595
  • Boat Ramp (Formed track – gravel or dirt) - $100
Land Elements Fee (excl. GST)
  • Landscaping elements - $90
    • Garden beds and/or retaining wall for landscaping and beautification (native only)
  • Landscaping elements - $Nil
    • Grassed area only (no permanent irrigation or sprinklers)
  • Erosion protection (a minor works permit required and must adhere to environmental guidelines) - $Nil


  • Existing structures, including power (adhering to Australian standards) previously licensed will be able to be licensed under the new Occupation Licence upon negotiation with GMW.
  • Non-standard jetties already licensed will continue to be licensed under the standard fee until sale of adjoining land – at which point, a non-standard jetty fee will apply.
  • Structures requiring replacement will not be licensed and are not permitted to remain on GMW owned land. A Works Approval to remove those structures will be required.
  • New power may be allowed for connection to a licensed pump ONLY.


If you would like more information on your licence, please phone us on 1800 013 357 or email