Lake Eildon

Allowed Structures

The following privately owned structures will require an Occupation Licence, which are issued pursuant to the Water Act 1989, section 132. There may be other works not included in this list that will be considered for licensing.

  • Slipway / Boat Ramp
  • Jetty - Standard (6m x 2m, fixed or floating to a max 12m2)
  • Mooring Post Buoy Swing
  • Landscaping elements - including any
    • Paths & Steps
    • Garden beds and/or retaining wall for landscaping and beautification
    • Entertainment area (eg. paving or deck) no more than 9m2
    • Shade sails, cover no more than 9m2
    • Underground sprinklers / irrigation system
    • Grassed area only – no permanent irrigation or sprinklers excepted
  • Power (not related to water usage license (WUL) pump)
  • Vehicle Access (formed access track)
  • Other (subject to approval and valuation)

Infrastructure Zones Maps

If you’re seeking to construct a jetty on a GMW lake, dam or reservoir the Infrastructure Zone Maps below give an indication of where it could be constructed. Please be sure to check the relevant map prior to submitting your proposal. Proposals for private jetties will only be accepted on foreshore that is in the private infrastructure zone, indicated on the maps by a red line.

Lake Eildon Infrastructure Zones Map

Annual Fee Estimator

If you have established that you are looking to build an allowed structure in an allowed zone (information above), then you may wish to estimate the Annual Fees that you will be required to pay should your application be successful.

GMW Design Standards

To ensure that all infrastructure built on and around our lakes, dams and reservoirs meet our minimum requirements and engineering standards, GMW has developedDesign Standards for the various structure types - you can find them at the Foreshore Occupation Licences homepage.

Storage Manager

We recommend you contact your local Storage Manager to discuss your proposed works prior to completing your application; 

Lake Eildon Storage Manager – (03) 5774 3900

Applying for an Occupation License

Supporting Documentation

When applying for an Occupation license you must be ready to supply the required supporting documentation as incomplete applications will not be processed:

Company Extract - If the application is for a company, a current company extract (less than 3 months old) must be provided, or GMW can obtain one on your behalf for $30 per search

Certificate of Title - A current certificate of title (less than 3 months old) must be provided, or GMW can obtain one on your behalf for $30 per search

Design Plans - a copy of the full colour design plans, A3 size, including a locality/site plan of the area which you propose to construct the works. The plans must also indicate your property boundary, GMW’s foreshore land and where the water line begins.  Please refer to the GMW Design Standards above.

Management of Works - evidence of appropriate project management measures to be implemented, including Safe Work Method Statements, Job Safety Analysis, environmental controls and evidence of appropriate training and certification of mobile plant operators etc.

Public Liability Insurance - licensees are required to hold Public Liability Insurance of at least $20 million. Once the Occupation Licence is issued, the licensee’s Public Liability Insurance MUST note Goulburn-Murray Water as an Interested Party and be extended to cover the licensed area.

Statutory Approvals - Your proposed works may require approvals from, but not limited to, the following authorities. You will need to attach any required statutory approvals from the authorities. Alternatively, you may provide written confirmation that you will obtain and provide these approvals prior to work commencing.:

Building works – Local council planning permit and/or building permit

Remove or disturb timber from a waterway – Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Recourse (Fisheries), and your local council

Remove or disturb aquatic or terrestrial native vegetation – Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DEWLP)

Earthworks – Registered Aboriginal Party

Works within a waterway – your regional Catchment Management Authority

Existing Licences and Structures - if you already have a licence for a boat ramp, slipway or mooring etc, it will be incorporated into the new Foreshore Occupation Licence so that you will have one occupation licence for the foreshore area and all approved structures.

Application Fees

To have your application processed, fees will be payable at the time of application.

You can download a copy of the current fee list from our Forms page, under the Property Services menu.

Apply for an Occupation Licence