Preparing for End of Season and Winter Works 2021

Don't Forget to Fill Your Domestic and Stock Dam

The irrigation season finishes on 15 May 2021 and will open on 15 August 2021. During this time we cannot guarantee that you will have access to water from the channel network for Domestic and Stock purposes due to channel maintenance requirements.

This irrigation off season we will be lowering more channels than we have previously to enable the crucial maintenance of our channel network, including the repairing of damaged banks and also the maintenance of weeds and silt which are impacting the delivery of water during the irrigation season.

Remember: Fill your tanks and dams before 15 May 2021 to secure your winter water.

For more information including any questions you have, please phone the Customer Experience Team on 1800 013 357 and they will connect you to your local Customer Service Manager.


Winter Works 2021

Each irrigation off-season GMW undertakes maintenance works on the channel systems that supply our irrigation districts.

From 15 May 2021, we are undertaking an $8 million program of maintenance and capital works and approximately 22,000 labour hours to enhance the capacity of our irrigation network.

Some of the works to be undertaken in 2021 include:

  • draining channels to remove silt build-up and other obstructions
  • treating channels with approved herbicides to remove weeds
  • repairs to various structures such as bridge crossings and drainage culverts and flow regulators, and
  • remodelling channel banks to ensure these channels lifespan is maintained.

The works will be complete by early August to allow channels to be recharged and irrigation supply recommence by 15 August 2021. The safety of our staff, customers and the local community is the priority and with a large winter works scheduled for 2021, safety will continue to be at the forefront for the successful delivery of the winter works program this year. Maintenance of our channel delivery network is crucial to ensuring the network provides a reliable supply during the irrigation season. Works vary from site to site and can include channel bank and gate repairs, bridge works, desilting and weed control works.

To successfully complete these works, GMW is required to drain sections of the channel network. This means some customers will not have access to water from the channel network and will need to make alternative arrangements for water supply during the non-irrigation period. Water supplied from the channel network is only guaranteed during the irrigation season.

An increase in road traffic may be experienced during this time so road users are encouraged to take care while travelling on roads near works sites.

Interactive Map of Works

Check out what's happening near you - including weed treatment, dewatering, construction, maintenance and our Water Efficiencies Projects winter works with our interactive map of works.