GMW's submission on the Murray Darling Basin Plan

The Murray River on a sunny day surrounded by trees.

In June 2015, the Senate established the Select Committee on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan (MDBP). The committee’s role is to inquire on the positive and negative impacts on the MDBP on regional communities.

GMW has provided the Murray Darling Basin Senate committee with a submission on the proposed MDBP.

GMW provides a complex range of water services to a large number of customers and stakeholders.

We have provided the submission because the Murray Darling Basin Plan has a significant impact on our customers, our business and our regional communities and economy.

Our submission has identified a range of items that impacts on our customers. This includes recovery of water through infrastructure investment, farm efficiency programs, efficiency measures program, the Goulburn Constraints Project, and payments for environmental water.

In our submission we have outlined:

  • our support for the basin plan to strike a balance between access to water for basin communities and provision of adequate water for the environment
  • our support for water recovery through investment in infrastructure such as the GMW Connections Project
  • our support for environmental works to achieve sustainable diversion limit offsets
  • that environmental flows must not create any liabilities for GMW or its customers.

Our submission can be viewed here, opens in a new window.

The Select Committee reviewed all submissions and provided a final report to the Senate by 17 March 2016.

For more information please visit the MDBA website at