Working with you to reduce debt

In October 2021, eligible delivery share holders will receive water shares from the Irrigators’ Share Distribution which can be used to pay current GMW debts.

GMW will contact delivery share holders in 90+ day debt, outlining the options to reduce debt, including selling new water shares.

The GMW team will work with customers in debt in a fair and reasonable manner to explain the supports and options available to those experiencing financial difficulty.

Frequently asked questions

Why is GMW contacting customers who have not paid their bill/s?

In October, as part of the Irrigators Share Distribution, those customers who hold 0.25 ML/day or more of eligible delivery share will receive water shares. GMW is contacting eligible delivery share holders to explain how they can use these water shares to pay their current GMW debt.

Customers who hold less than 0.25ML/day of delivery share will receive a credit on their fixed charges bill in July 2022, meaning their account will be reduced by the amount of this credit.

What are the options for paying my debt?

There are several options you can discuss with the GMW Revenue Team.

GMW can direct you to:

  • Below is a panel of water brokers who can assist you and may be able to provide you with a reduced fee if the water entitlement sales are used to pay your GMW debt: 
Name Website Phone
Integra Water Services (03) 5824 3833
Ruralco Water  1300 007 939
AGnVET (03) 5821 2477
H2OX 1800 988 118 
Planright (03) 5824 1322
Waterfind 1800 890 285
  • The Australian Water Brokers Association where you can choose from accredited brokers -
  • GMW can extend the due date for your payment while you are in the process of selling these water shares. This will stop interest accruing on your account.

There are two debt payment options that mean you will not continue to accrue interest. GMW can extend the due date for your payment or you can enter into a payment plan.

GMW’s Revenue Team will work with you in a fair and reasonable manner to explain the supports and options available to you if you are experiencing financial difficulty.

GMW has stopped my water supply because of an unpaid bill. Can I use my new shares to resolve this?

GMW can stop supply when bills are not paid. Yes, you can use your new shares to assist in removing the stop of supply. The stop will also be removed when:

  • you pay 10% of the overdue balance, and
  • you sign-up for a payment plan.

From the Irrigators' Share Distribution, I understand I will receive a credit to my account in July 2022. Can I wait until then to discuss my debt?

If you have less than 0.25ML/day of delivery share, you will receive a credit to your account in July 2022. GMW’s Revenue Team can help you estimate how much this is likely to be and then discuss the most suitable options.

Where can I find more information?

There is more information available on the Irrigators' Share Distribution webpage.

You can find GMW’s Debt Management and Hardship procedures at: our Payment Assistance page.

You can also phone GMW’s Revenue Team on 1800 013 357 for more information and to set up a payment plan.