Works to commence for Lake Mulwala foreshore protection, tourism boost

Thursday 25 July, 2019

Construction works are set to start on a project to improve and protect the foreshore of Lake Mulwala from erosion as well as deliver a key project to boost Yarrawonga’s tourism potential.

This Stage 3 foreshore protection works mark the final stage in the development of the Yarrawonga Tourism Trail, a shared pathway improving pedestrian access from the current traffic bridge on the foreshore through to the Silverwoods development.

Stage 1 works, comprising 160m of retaining wall, was completed in 2015 along Bank St in Yarrawonga. Stage 2, comprising a further 160m, was completed in 2018 along River Rd.

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) is again managing the design and construction process for the next River Rd Stage 3 works. They extend from the vicinity of Hawkins Dr to the Yacht Club boat ramp.

In May, GMW and Moira Shire Council announced this next stage of works would go ahead over winter and preliminary site preparation is now set to begin. Installation of the retaining wall will take place in August-September with the walkway, landscaping and public access steps completed in September-October.

The foreshore area will be temporarily fenced off during construction and traffic in this section of River Rd will be one-way to ensure safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians.

Like Stages 1 and 2, GMW Manager Dam Operations Tony Beamish said there will be some noise and vibration associated with the works.

“GMW will minimise impacts on nearby residents wherever possible. We be using special equipment to install steel sheet piling for the retaining wall, designed to minimise noise and vibration compared to other construction options.”

Mr Beamish said initially, some Saturday work may take place to ensure timely completion of the project.

GMW has been working with a small number of residents who are foreshore licence holders with respect to the temporary removal and replacement of their jetties. This consultation will continue as the project progresses.

Like Stages 1 and 2, foreshore willow trees will be removed as part of the Stage 3 works and replaced with advanced native species. These willows are mature trees near the end of their natural life.

“Last year’s works took place during the drawdown of Lake Mulwala from May to July,” GMW Manager Dam Operations Tony Beamish said.

“While convenient, lowering the lake is not necessary for these works which can be completed with the same level of safety and effectiveness at the current lake level.

“These improvements guard against foreshore erosion and ensure the ongoing enjoyment and safety of recreational users while safeguarding water quality and environmental values of the lake,” Mr Beamish said.

The project, auspiced by Moira Shire Council, is jointly funded by the Federal Government’s Regional Jobs and Investment Packages, Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) and Lotus Living, Moira Shire Mayor Libro Mustica said.

“Once these stabilisation and pathway works are complete, the tourism trail will provide safe, off-road passage offering picturesque and uninterrupted views across Lake Mulwala for the thousands of tourists who visit the region each year,” he said.

“This development will help Yarrawonga unlock its potential by investing in a key project to support the town’s economic future.”