Please remember your Water Smarts this holiday period

Monday 23 December, 2019

As the warmer weather hits Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) is reminding people visiting its storages for recreational activities to be safe on the water.

General Manager Water Storage Services Martina Cusack said the water corporation managed recreational and boating activities at some of its storages and is urging safe use by people who visit the storages for boating, fishing and swimming.

“Please remember basic safety when it comes to visiting our water storages,” Ms Cusack said.

“Boat operators should always wear personal flotation devices, maintain a lookout for hazards and other users at all times and manage their boating activities to suit local conditions.”

For safety boaters should always:

  • Observe water levels and the potential for submerged hazards – if in doubt, slow to five knots or less;
  • Seek out local knowledge on conditions and hazards;
  • Maintain a good lookout;
  • Ensure the motor kill switch is attached to the driver;
  • Take note of signage at boat ramps;
  • Ensure the vessel is equipped with the required safety equipment and that it is in good working condition and easily accessible;
  • Remember alcohol and water don’t mix. Don’t drink on the water, and;
  • Do not overload the vessel.

Ms Cusack said lakes and water storage dams could become very rough in windy conditions.

“Weather conditions can change fast; that’s why up-to-date weather reports prior to heading out are so important,” Ms Cusack said.

“Even during warmer months, many inland waters have very cold water temperatures. Prepare for immersion by carrying and wearing warmer clothing when appropriate.”

GMW also wishes to remind recreation users to visit our website to see the most recent Blue-Green Algae Alerts.

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