Funded GMW Water Efficiency Project a win for customers

More than 1000 customers are expected to see improvements to irrigation standards as part of the recently funded GMW Water Efficiency Project.

The Commonwealth Government has invested $177.5 million into the project under the Water Efficiency Special Account, which will build on the success of the Connections Project, with the opportunity to further modernise the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District (GMID) and provide an improved level of service to more irrigators.
Having received positive feedback during project development via workshops and the Engage Victoria website, GMW are committed to maintaining open lines of communication as these off-farm projects prepare to move from planning, into delivery.
This projects will be delivered by the well-established Connections Project team, utilising a proven approach to governance, statutory approvals, systems, procedures, and procurement arrangements.
“It’s great to see the same dependable team who successfully delivered 429 GL water savings under the Connections Project carrying on the good work for the GMID,” Project Control Group Chair The Hon. Patrick McNamara said.
With around 250km of channel to treat as part of the modernisation, the project team are planning to commence with an initial winter works package within months. The project is currently expected to be completed in 2024.
Customers affected by the first package of winter works will be the first to be contacted by the project team.
GMW Managing Director Charmaine Quick said the organisation was looking forward to the role GMW will take in the further advancement of the region.
“We really see this as a win-win situation – with benefits for more than 1000 customers and around 900 regional jobs expected to be generated during construction, it really bolsters our role in the prosperity and viability of the GMID,” Ms Quick said.
“Our customers grow some of the world’s best food and fibre, and modernising and upgrading aging off-farm water infrastructure will strengthen our region’s economy and productivity in a number of different ways.
“This is an opportunity to rationalise some parts of the aging irrigation system, and reduce ongoing asset liability. We are keeping our business sustainable in the long-term and keeping costs down for our customers.”
Together with the recently completed $2 billion Connections project, the GMW Water Efficiency Projects will reinforce Victoria’s competitive advantage in the agri-food sector, and secure the long-term future of the GMID.
The GMID accounts for more than 70 per cent of all water stored in Victoria and around 90 per cent of water used for irrigation purposes across the state.
The works and auditing of water savings are proposed to commence from 2021 with completion by June 2024.
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