Engineering surveys at Torrumbarry and Mildura weirs

Friday 13 March, 2020

Goulburn-Murray Water is undertaking design reviews at Mildura and Torrumbarry weirs during March and April to ensure the structures are fit-for-purpose and meet dam safety standards now and into the future.

GMW General Manager Water Storage Services Martina Cusack said dam safety design reviews were strategically planned and took place about every 20 years, to review the historic performance of the assets and consider how they would be designed if built today.

“We manage our assets using an integrated approach to manage performance, safety risk and optimise whole of life cost,” Ms Cusack said.

“This plays a significant role when it comes to delivering our vision of safety, reliable supply, credible business, fair pricing, efficient operations, responsive services, sustainable management and simple systems.

“The results of the review will inform any refurbishment or upgrade works that may be needed in the future.”

Ms Cusack said engineering surveys would inform the weir design review and comprise geophysical investigations of the river bed and weir and lock structures. Equipment would also be towed across sections of the waterways during some of the surveys.

The surveys have been scheduled to minimise impact on visitors during non-peak times for tourism. Residents may hear noise from the survey works between 8am and 5pm.

At Torrumbarry, on-land surveying is planned for March 23-28 and April 27- May 1. On-water surveying is planned on April 17. At Mildura, on-land surveying is planned for March 16-20 and April 20-24. On water surveying is planned for April 15.

Equipment will be laid out across public park areas and the sides of nearby roadways to undertake on-land surveys. Visitors are advised some park areas may be closed for short periods and lock operations may experience minor disruptions.

Goulburn-Murray Water is undertaking reviews on behalf of the Murray–Darling Basin Authority.