Doing the right thing

Wednesday 5 December, 2018

Northern Victoria enjoys high rates of water compliance. Through regulation and irrigation users doing the right thing, GMW customers can have assurance that this highly valuable resource is being managed with fairness and equity.

In order to ensure continued compliance, it is important customers fully understand and are up to date with their licence conditions and the allocation limits that apply at a given time to their water delivery system.

Customers can check these conditions or limits, or ask questions to ensure they meet their compliance responsibilities, by calling GMW on 1800 013 357.

The Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID) is a highly regulated system where unauthorised take of water is easily identified. GMW has a compliance team monitoring this system as well as regulated and non-regulated irrigators outside the GMID.

Remember, any unauthorised take and use of water is unfair to customers who do the right thing and may impact on the water availability for those customers.

The unauthorised take and use of water is a breach of the Water Act and may be subject to prosecution.