Delivery Share Review work underway

Tuesday 4 December, 2018

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has released outcomes of the Delivery Share Review following extensive consultation on the preliminary findings.

Delivery shares are used in the Goulburn-Murray and Sunraysia districts as a way of providing rights to irrigators to access water delivery infrastructure. Part of the fixed charges paid by irrigators, delivery share guarantees the holder access to the irrigation system and helps to share the costs of operation and maintenance across all people in the system who are able to use water.

The Review has examined the role of delivery shares in northern Victoria to help irrigation districts adapt to changing needs. The report for the Goulburn-Murray district puts forward specific outcomes and supporting actions that address the issues and opportunities raised by the irrigation community.

Irrigators will be actively involved in planning how agreed actions will be rolled out in each region. The Victorian Government will also start work immediately on critical actions that underpin state wide outcomes, including:

  • Ensuring greater clarity and transparency of tariffs and charges linked to delivery share, so irrigators understand what they are paying for and how costs are determined.
  • Assessing changes in water ownership, use and trade, and providing up-to-date data to inform irrigators and feed in to water corporation pricing submissions.
  • Tightening requirements to fully disclose delivery shares and related charges in property transactions.
  • Providing more and better information on irrigation system management and delivery shares to irrigators, to support farm decisions and further participation in this Review.

The report and supporting documents can be found online at