More to Lake Boga than meets the eye

Wednesday 29 November, 2017

Holiday-makers will be pleased to know Lake Boga is in good shape for summer as the warmer weather approaches.

At close to 98 per cent full after strong inflows for the last three months, the water storage is an ever-popular destination for fishing, boating and lakeside family picnics.

The lake is managed by Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) and known as the gateway to Swan Hill, being 11km south of the regional centre.

The lake forms part of the Victorian Mid-Murray Storages (VMMS), which also includes Kangaroo Lake, Kow Swamp and Lake Charm. The VMMS all border the Murray Valley Highway between Gunbower and Swan Hill. 

GMW General Manager Customer Operations Scott Barber said when full, Lake Boga has a capacity of 38,000ML.

“It’s great to have a healthy water supply in Lake Boga for our irrigators, communities and recreational users. Water from this storage is released into the Murray River via outfall channels, which supply orchards, vineyards and grain crops downstream.

“It’s important to remember the lakes, dams and reservoirs managed by GMW have a prime operational role of storing water for delivery to entitlement holders,” Mr Barber said.

“In saying this, many also have a Land and On-Water Management Plan (LOWMP), including Lake Boga, which helps everyone to make the most of the area’s boating, picnic facilities, wildlife and more.”

The Lake Boga Implementation Group is responsible for the plan and has a range of priorities for non-operational initiatives like community safety, recreation and tourism, maintaining healthy ecosystems and cultural heritage.

“The implementation group includes representation from Swan Hill Rural City Council, the local community, the Lake Boga Fishing Club, the Lake Boga Caravan Park and GMW,” Mr Barber said.

“I extend my gratitude to this group for their ongoing work to make Lake Boga a great destination for both locals and visitors.”

The group’s long-term vision is for Lake Boga to be a safe, family-friendly place which is highly valued by the community and visitors for its water-based recreational activities, amenity and cultural heritage while also fulfilling its role as a water supply storage.

Swan Hill Rural City Council Mayor and Implementation Group Chair Les McPhee said Lake Boga is often referred to as the “Jewel in the Crown” of the region.

“We’re working in partnership with GMW and will continue to maintain the lake in the best possible condition for all users,” he said.

The Lake Boga LOWMP is available online at

Meet the Lake Boga Implementation Group members

  • Chair Les McPhee is the Mayor of Swan Hill Rural City Council and assists the Lake Boga LOWMP group by working towards goals which are in the interests of the wider Swan Hill community.

  • Deputy Chair Wes Pye is a Swan Hill resident who brings to the table an operational understanding of Lake Boga’s management. Wes is supportive of development on the Lake’s south east foreshore.

  • Stephen Matthews is a Lake Boga resident who has a strong understanding of the LOWMP which was completed in November 2011. He brings to the table his knowledge of the local area and an understanding of GMW’s operations to manage the water storage.

  • Heather Green is the Director of Development and Planning at Swan Hill Rural City Council. She brings extensive planning knowledge which assists the group in its consideration of foreshore development.

  • Jason Stevens is a local resident and operator of Lake Boga Caravan Park, who is keen to enhance Lake Boga through improved infrastructure and foreshore development. Jason is also working to identify important environmental issues in the area.

  • Kyal Siebert is a former GMW employee and current Torrumbarry Water Services Committee member. Kyal contributes his knowledge of irrigated agriculture in northern Victoria, in an operational and a policy sense. He wants to help to create a sustainable future for irrigated agriculture in the region.

  • Dean Palmer provides a local voice for Lake Boga and its importance to the town and surrounding area. He is a member of the Lake Boga Fishing Club and brings to the group extensive local knowledge and contacts.

  • Ross Stanton is GMW’s Customer Service Manager for the Torrumbarry region. Ross brings to the group strong knowledge about Lake Boga’s operations and has a desire to see genuine community input on key projects for the area.

  • Ada Andrews is a Business Performance Coordinator at GMW who provides essential administrative support to the group and assistance with a range of Lake Boga LOWMP matters.

If you’d like to get in touch with any of the Lake Boga Implementation Group members, please contact them on 1800 013 357.

Lake Boga Fast Facts

  • Lake Boga is a large but shallow lake, having a surface area of 940ha and a depth of 4.5m when the lake is full.

  • For anglers, Lake Boga is home to Redfin, native Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Catfish and Silver Brim.

  • Waterskiing, jet-skiing, sailing and canoeing are popular with visitors.

  • The lake is abundant in birdlife and a drawcard for bird watchers.

  • Facilities include three boat ramps, picnic facilities, a camping area, public toilets and a privately owned caravan park.

  • GMW supports recreational and tourism ventures that do not adversely affect lake storage and release operations, water quality and public safety.