Greens Lake closed for New Year's Eve

Thursday 7 December, 2017

Members of the public are being reminded that Greens Lake at Corop will be closed for New Year’s Eve.

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) General Manager Customer Operations Scott Barber said this would be the fourth year Greens Lake was closed on New Year’s Eve at the request of the region’s emergency services.

“This is not a decision that has been made lightly, but the concerns raised with us by local emergency services and community members cannot be ignored,” Mr Barber said.

Local emergency services approached GMW in 2014 asking the water corporation to close Greens Lake.

Police were concerned a tragedy could occur after detecting underage drinking, an unlicensed bar and serious assaults occurring.

Country Fire Authority (CFA) representatives also raised concerns about illegal fireworks being set off during the peak fire season.

“When emergency services come to us, raising serious concerns like this, we have no option but to act,” Mr Barber said.

Stanhope Police Leading Senior Constable Bob Naismith said police and the CFA made the call to close Greens Lake based on public safety concerns.

 “This is about saving lives,” Ldg Sen Const Naismith said.

“We honestly believed there was a very real chance a tragedy would occur. The actions of drug and alcohol-affected people can put their own and others’ safety at risk.”

CFA District 20 Operations Manager John Cutting said illegal fireworks not only posed a serious risk to lives, they could also start significant fires.

“While many people see illegal fireworks as an innocent celebration, they can cause serious issues for fire services. All these fires and injuries are preventable,” he said.

 The lake will be closed from 12noon on Friday, December 29 to 12noon on Monday, January 1.