GMW delivers more maintenance than ever before

Monday 16 January, 2017

For Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) the past works year has been about delivering.

During 2016, the water corporation not only delivered major projects under time and budget, it completed more maintenance than ever before.

GMW’s Customer Infrastructure and Assets Team completed about 400 capital works projects within budget at a cost of $35.7 million while the Connections Project carried out its $45 million Winter Works program.

It also delivered about $30 million of maintenance works, which includes more channel desilting than ever before.

“All of these works are about efficiently improving services to our customers,” GMW General Manager of Customer Operations Scott Barber said.

“Major dam projects ensure the long term security of water supply for our customers, while desilting works improve or restore flow rates to irrigators.

“I think our business can be rightly proud of the achievements it’s made this year, but it certainly puts the challenge out there for next year.

“In 2016/17 we already have another $40 million of works to complete including upgrade or replacement of 40 structures, about 35km of channel remodelling to do and ongoing system maintenance to deliver required customer service levels.”

GMW’s works year runs from July 1 to June 30.

Works year (2015/16) at a glance

Projects and capital works

GMW delivered about 400 major projects at a cost of $35.7 million, which was within budget. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Six comprehensive, five-yearly dam safety inspections were undertaken during the year, with no major issues identified.
  • An anchor testing program was completed across all storages that rely on ground anchors for increased stability during extreme events with good results.
  • The $10 million Tullaroop Reservoir Upgrade was successfully completed, ensuring a more secure water supply to irrigators and communities in the region. This project was delivered using internal resources and was completed early and under budget enabling funds to be directed into more work for the same cost for customers.
  • The first stage of the Lake Buffalo spillway gate and hoist upgrade project was successfully installed and commissioned.
  • One of our major channels – the Stuart Murray Canal – received a major upgrade. Works included an upgrade of the offtake structure located at Goulburn Weir and the replacement of a 100-year-old subway.
  • More than 35km of channel remodelling works were completed to ensure the long term reliability of the water supply to our customers.
  • 45km of channel banks were rock armoured to stop bank degradation and decrease future channel network costs for customers.
  • About 40 structures on channels and drains were refurbished or replaced.
  • An innovative approach to the refurbishment of the Tea Garden Creek Weir ensured service and water supply to diversion customers saving over $1 million which was reassigned to other infrastructure work avoiding future costs for customers.
  • 110 diversion meters were replaced and completed under budget.
  • The Campaspe Pump Station refurbishment project has developed a new way of stripping lead paint, which has saved more than $100,000.
  • Goulburn-Murray Water and its stakeholders started development of a business case to investigate the feasibility of a new domestic and stock pipeline at Mitiamo

Connections Project

The Connections Project Winter Works 2016 program was completed on time and budget despite the very wet season. Highlights included:

  • Installed 229 meters
  • Rationalised 181 meters
  • Removed 45km of channel from service
  • Automated 47 regulators
  • Remediated 12 channel sites, and
  • Constructed 22km of pipelines (including some pump stations large and small).


In 2016 GMW has completed more weed and channel maintenance than ever before. It’s a priority for our business because we understand how important it is to provide a reliable service to our customers. This year just some of the highlights included:

  • Inspected and reported on the condition of 570km of channel and 230 structures.
  • Desilted more channels than ever before – achieving more than 250km.
  • Completed more than 4700 work orders to repair channel banks, regulators and meters to avoid or resolve service interruptions.
  • Sprayed and inspected 4000km of open channels
  • 2800km of drains were sprayed
  • Sprayed around more than 15,000 structures and 12,000 meter outlets to ensure safe access to these sites
  • Completed 8700 work orders on modernised assets including 1000 battery replacements, 1100 level sensors adjustments and 1450 radios were replaced.
  • Established Pump Station Design Guidelines – which have ensured a standardised design and construction of pump stations.
  • Saved money by using new techniques such as vibration analysis of pump assets.