End of Season: Managing your unused water

Thursday 24 May, 2018

Following the end of the 2017/18 irrigation season, many Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) customers now have choices to make about their unused water.

For those who won’t use their allocation by June 29, it’s important they know and understand options for unused water.

First, customers may sell unused water.

“You can find a buyer yourself, or use a water broker or solicitor to find one for you,” General Manager Customer Operations Scott Barber said.

“We provide application forms and information on end-of-season water trading on our website.”

Trade applications must be lodged with GMW by June 27, or June 29 if the application is made through the online trading portal.

“You may have the option of keeping some or all of your unused water allocation from this irrigation season and taking it into the next season, subject to rules, where it can be used or traded as normal. This is termed carryover,” he said. 

“Carryover is based on the trading zone you are in and the rules that apply to that zone.”

Customers wishing to carry over their unused allocation must ensure there is a sufficient volume of water shares attached to their allocation account, or alternatively must trade it into an allocation account linked to a sufficient volume of water shares.

To do this, an Application to trade water allocation form (Form 39), must be submitted to GMW by 27 June 2018.

“Finally, if you do not wish to use, sell or carryover your unused water, you can apply to relinquish your allocation. There is no charge to relinquish water.”

To relinquish water, applications must be lodged with GMW by June 27 by submitting an Application to relinquish allocation (Form 41), or June 29 if the application is made online via the Victorian Water Register’s My Water application.

Relinquishing water stops the automated carryover process and means customers with more allocation than entitlement will avoid an above entitlement fee.

Please note, to avoid risk of unused allocation being written off, GMW encourages irrigators to consider their options and make a decision before June 29, 2018.

For more information about carryover, using, selling or relinquishing allocations, visit our website on www.gmwater.com.au/endofseason, the Victorian Water Register website www.waterregister.vic.gov.au, or phone GMW on 1800 013 357.

A carryover calculator is also available on the Victorian Water Register website and can help customers understand how the carryover rules apply to their system.