Do the right thing when enjoying Greens Lake

People enjoying Greens Lake during the summer holiday period are being asked to do the right thing by their neighbours, the environment and the amenity of the waterway.

Greens Lake, located off the Midland Highway between Elmore and Shepparton, has become increasingly popular for fishing, camping and boating in recent years with hundreds of holiday-makers typically visiting over the Australia Day long weekend and Easter.

The lake is one of 24 water storages across northern Victoria managed by Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) on behalf of its irrigation and bulk-water customers. Fourteen of these storages support recreational activities.

“Some of our storages that host recreation are more regulated than others,” Scott Barber, GMW’s General Manager Customer Operations, said.

“For example at Lake Eppalock, near Bendigo, there are numerous private recreational clubs, a caravan and holiday park along with designated camping, picnic and public areas.

“Greens Lake is more isolated and less regulated however we need people to respect some simple rules designed to protect water quality and to ensure this popular spot can continue to be shared and enjoyed by all.”

Mr Barber reminded visitors that:

  • Camping is not permitted within 20m of the full supply level of Greens Lake;
  • Pets are not allowed at Greens Lake for the protection of flora, fauna and the amenity of other visitors;
  • Camping at the same site is not permitted for more than seven consecutive days;
  • Campers must maintain their site and ensure it is left in a clean and tidy condition
  • Fishing activities must only occur where allowed and anyone doing so must have an appropriate licence.

“In recent years, poor behaviour has led to the lake being closed to campers for up to three days over the New Year’s Eve period at the request of local police and in the interests of public safety.

“We don’t want more regulation where it can be avoided,” Mr Barber said.

“Following a few simple rules is all about courtesy and ensuring Greens Lake remains accessible and amenable to all.”

For anyone organising an event at a GMW Storage, please use our newly launched online webpage to apply for a permit.

For a complete list of by-laws governing the recreational use of land and waterways managed by GMW, please visit or contact us on free-call 1800 013 357 to request a copy.