Consider your irrigation needs early

Wednesday 4 April, 2018

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) is encouraging its customers to consider their irrigation needs as early as possible due to high demand for water.

“We’re doing this because the end of the irrigation season is fast approaching (May 15) and demand for irrigation water increases during Autumn, which is traditionally a high water use period,” GMW General Manager Customer Operations Scott Barber said.

“Our customers also have significant water to use after this season’s positive allocations.”

For the week ending March 23, 2018, there was 797GL of unused carryover water in comparison with 441GL this time last year. Part of the difference can be attributed to higher rainfall in the 2016/17 season which led to more water being held over until this irrigation season. Carryover refers to the arrangement that allows water entitlement holders to take their unused water allocation from this irrigation season into the next season.

“Our water delivery team has also been busy – with more than 1375GL delivered to all customers so far in the 2017/18 year compared with 835GL for the same period in the 2016/17 year,” Mr Barber said.

As a result, some channel congestion may occur when demand for irrigation water increases.

“In instances where irrigation water demand exceeds channel delivery capacity for only a short period, we will schedule irrigation orders - linking start orders with finish orders.

“This means we are requesting that customers be flexible with start dates and times to fit demand within available capacity. Where appropriate, orders may be altered in consultation with the customer to maximise channel capacity,” Mr Barber said.

 “To ensure we’re working as closely as possible with our customers to manage their water needs we’re encouraging them to contact their planner to discuss their end of season and Autumn irrigation needs.

“With information on our customers planned irrigation needs we will be able to better balance supply for all customers.”

To contact a GMW planner phone 1300 469 469.