Treatment of aquatic weeds to improve irrigation system efficiency

Tuesday 28 March, 2017
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Fact sheet: Endothall treatment of submersed aquatic weeds

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) will be treating aquatic weeds along the East Goulburn Main Channel this winter to ensure a more consistent water supply to its customers.

The treatment will occur from May 16 to August 14.

The weeds affect water flow, promote silting and cause problems with the automated regulators which can reduce the ability to deliver water to customers.

“We understand how important a reliable water supply is to our customers and this treatment will ensure better flow rates and return design capacity in our channels,” GMW Head of Customer Service and Operations Daniel Irwin said.

“Being able to efficiently deliver water to our customers during the season is a priority to us.

We want to ensure our farmers get water when and where they need it and we can not do this with choked channels."

Shepparton Water Services Committee Deputy Chair Kevin Minogue said works to improve flow rates were welcomed by farmers.

“Any works to improve flow rates and create a more reliable water supply will benefit farmers, as well as the local economy” Kevin said.

To conduct the treatment, some water will remain in parts of the East Goulburn Main channel network. The static water will then be injected with Endothall, a herbicide proven to effectively treat aquatic weeds.

During the treatment program, Domestic and Stock customers who either receive water direct from the channel, or a pipeline from the channel, will need to make alternative arrangements for water supply.

“It’s important for customers to remember that water supplied from the GMW channel network is only guaranteed during the irrigation season, and while some water will remain in the channel this will be treated water and will not be fit for use,” Daniel said. 

A drop in session will be held on Wednesday April 19, from 10am to 2pm at the Katandra Community Centre for affected customers and members of the public to come and discuss the treatment program.