Pumped District Customer Newsletter

Thursday 3 March, 2022

A message from Customer Service Manager Paul Gilchrist.

Photograph of Customer Service Manager, Paul Gilchrist

Welcome to the first newsletter for those of you in the Nyah, Tresco and Woorinen pumped irrigation districts.

I would like to introduce myself to all of you in the pumped districts. I am GMW’s Area Water Distribution Customer Service Manager for the west region, located at the Kerang office. A happy New Year to you all! I hope you celebrated the start of 2022 safely and in good spirits with family and friends.

The good news is the favourable weather and abundance of water supply over the last few months has boosted productivity for the farm sector. However we are mindful that COVID has been challenging for all of us. Access to farm workers and fruit pickers has been affected by the pandemic. We hope despite this setback, the seasonal conditions have provided an exceptional season for you.

Every care has been taken to make sure the pipelines in your districts have been installed to a high quality, however occasional maintenance is required.

Our Customer Service Centres have now reopened, which means you can come see us if you need any assistance. Our staff are on hand to help with any query you may have - you can also reach us by phoning 1800 013 357, or by booking an appointment online with us.

We look forward to seeing you in person now that our offices are able to reopen.

Paul Gilchrist
Distribution Customer Service Manager (West), GMW

Service plans update

GMW is continuing to partner with customers in the development of its Service Plans, which will outline how services are managed into the future.

Engagement for the Pumped Irrigation Service Plan commenced last year with an online survey to help GMW better understand the issues and opportunities currently facing pumped irrigation customers.

Following on from the survey, GMW will be hosting a series of online focus groups in late March 2022 to further inform the development of the Pumped Irrigation Service Plan, ahead of workshops planned to be held later in the year. As a pumped irrigation customer, you should have recently received an email or SMS inviting you to participate in one of these focus groups. Registrations close Wednesday 9 March, so register your interest now.

If you would like more information on GMW’s Service Plan development and upcoming engagement opportunities, go to https://www.gmwater.com.au/service-plans

New infrastructure to monitor flows

Flow monitor in pumped districtIn the lead up to Christmas 2021, we installed a number of flow monitors in the pumped districts.

This infrastructure will allow us to receive live data on water use in the district, to see where issues may be arising, and plan for maintenance activities.

They will also ensure that there is a shared delivery capacity among customers. If you have any questions about the installation of these meters, please phone our Customer Experience Team on 1800 013 357.


Water theft and compliance affects everyone in the community and it is important that individual water users do not adversely impact other users or Victoria’s environmental values.

Under the Water Act 1989 you are responsible for adhering to the conditions of your entitlement. While most people are responsible and abide by their entitlement, each year a small number of users break the law. So make sure you are aware of your water entitlements as pumped water customers.

More information can be found at https://www.gmwater.com.au/compliance

General information

Key GMW services

Decorative Icon with text MyGMWMyGMW - Manage your GMW account online, any time and anywhere, through our secure online portal MyGMW.

Access MyGMW

Decorative Icon SMS in speech bubble SMS - The Start and Stop SMS service enables you to receive reminders of when your water order is to start and stop.


Decorative Icon SMS in speech bubbleOur Dams Email - Our dams email provides water storage and dam levels straight to your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.



Storage levels and inflows




Previous Levels

Feb Mar Apr May

Here’s a snapshot of some of our major storages and storage levels as at February 2022. You can access up-to-date volume level of all lakes, reservoirs and dams managed by GMW at any time. 

View Current Storage Levels

Your Say @ GMW

It is important that we regularly engage with you, our customers, on topics that matter to you.

Our 2022 Customer Engagement Program includes online webinars, seminars, events and surveys. We want your input, knowledge, thoughts and advice.

Visit www.g-mwater.com.au/your-say-at-gmw  to register for the latest events and webinars and to find out which projects and topics we’re engaging on with our customers, stakeholders and communities throughout 2022.

Update your details

It’s important we have your details up to date to ensure you receive all the latest news, incident and service interruption information and account reminders from GMW. This includes your address, mobile number and email address.

You can update your details online at www.gmwater.com.au/updateyourdetails or call the GMW Customer Experience Team for assistance.

Payment options

GMW has a number of flexible payment options available to assist customers in managing their bills.

These include:

  • instalment options
  • early payment discounts
  • flexible payment plans; and
  • payment extensions.

Our team is committed to working with customers to manage their bills.

For more information visit www.g-mwater.com.au/customer-services/manage-my-account/payment-assistance or phone the GMW Customer Experience Team on 1800 013 357.

Water quality

Water provided by GMW has not been treated for human consumption.

Compliance and water theft

It’s illegal to take and use more water than allowed under your entitlement. Whenever a little more water is taken than is allowed, it can easily add up and there is limited water to go around. Water theft affects everyone in our community and it is important that individual water users do not adversely impact other users or Victoria’s environmental values. Individual water users should make sure they have the right authorisations before they take water from a dam, bore, stream, river, creek or irrigation channel.

A zero-tolerance to water theft provides equity of access to limited water resources and protects those who are doing the right thing. If you see something, say something. To report an alleged breach/offence, phone us on 1800 013 357. For more information on compliance and enforcement at GMW visit www.gmwater.com.au/compliance.


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