Lake Eildon power station maintenance

Thursday 2 May, 2024

GMW has begun releasing water through Lake Eildon’s spillway to allow maintenance works to be undertaken on the power station.

During standard operations, GMW passes releases from Lake Eildon through Eildon Power Station.

However, when required, the water corporation can instead release water via Lake Eildon spillway’s cone valves and gates to ensure water can still be delivered to entitlement holders.

While the method of releasing the water will change, GMW will continue to simply make releases to meet downstream demands.

Conditions downstream will subsequently be no different than if the water was being released through the power station like normal.

Towards the end of May, GMW will undertake maintenance works on the cone valves at Lake Eildon.

When these maintenance works begin, releases will instead be made through the spillway gates.

The maintenance works on the power station are expected to be completed in early June. Releases will then recommence through the power station in line with normal operations. 

People can learn more about how Lake Eildon is being managed by visiting the GMW website: