Pricing Submission 2024

Every four years, GMW is required to develop a Pricing Submission that outlines the prices we propose to apply for that period and sets out the service levels and values that customers can expect to receive from GMW.

We are now working on the Pricing Submission that will apply from 1 July 2024.

Following the development of this submission, the Essential Services Commission (ESC) will assess GMW’s proposals across its prices, services, planned expenditures and other areas for the life of the plan.

Our Pricing Submission is due to the ESC in September 2023.

The ESC’s water pricing framework provides strong incentives for GMW to deliver better value for customers, and we must demonstrate how we’ve considered the services that our customers want.

In order to develop our Pricing Submission, we engage closely with our customers to find out what their priorities, needs and concerns are when it comes to GMW’s fees and charges and the level of service our customers receive.

We have already started this engagement piece through the development of our Service Plans. These Service Plans shape the services customer receive and will directly inform the Pricing Submission, as well as providing the foundation for further detailed engagement on key priorities that are identified by our customers.

More information on how to get involved is available at our Service Plans page.

ESC Guidance on GMW’s pricing submission

The ESC has drafted a guidance paper to set out the information GMW will be required to provide in its pricing submission due in September 2023.

Consultation on the ESC Guidance paper is now closed and the ESC will issue a final guidance paper before the end of September 2022. More information is avaialble at the ESC website.