Water Use Entity & Delivery Share Application Forms

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For assistance with accessing or completing application forms please email the land transaction team or call 1800 013 357. 

Application Forms: 

Application Kit for Delivery Share and Ceasing to be Service Property Transactions (362 Kb)

This kit is required when making application for Delivery Shares as follows: Issue (Form 34), Vary (Form 35), Permanently Transfer (Form 36) or Inactive/Cease Service (Form 38)

Form 25a - Application to Subdivide or Amalgamate Water-Use Licence(s) and/or Water-Use Registration(s)

Form 34 - Application to Issue a Delivery Share (36 Kb)

Form 34a - Application to Subdivide or Amalgamate Delivery Share(s)

Form 35 - Application to Vary a Delivery Share (364 Kb)

Form 38 - Application to Inactivate Delivery Share and/or Cease to be a Serviced Property (90 Kb)

Delivery Share Application Requirements - Mortgagee Consent Information Sheet (365 Kb)

Cease Service Mortgagee Consent (39 Kb)

Delivery Share Trading

G-MW Delivery Share trading rules and trading zone information is available here.

Form 36 - Application to Permanently Transfer Delivery Share (171 Kb)

Delivery Share Permanent Transfer Consent of Mortgagee (39 Kb)