Central Goulburn WSC members

Peter Hacon

Peter Hacon (Chair)
0427 596 278 

Peter farms on his family’s grazing property north of Tongala. He was motivated to join the WSC through his concerns for the direction irrigation appeared to be heading. Peter believes that if you want to have input, you have to get involved in the process.

Peter would like to see irrigators to be more proactive, rather than reactive to water issues and believes WSCs should be a vehicle for achieving this.



David Kerr

David Kerr (Deputy Chair)
0438 531 150

David has 25 years of farming experience as a Ky Valley dairy farmer and he hopes the committee could help influence change around issues faced by irrigators. His goal is to have input and influence and hopefully create change within GMW. 

David sees his role on the committee as a link between customers and GMW and a representation of the farming base to achieve the best outcomes possible for irrigators.

Stuart Young

Stuart Young
0407 560 795

Stuart is a farmer from Wyuna East where he runs a dairy enterprise with his partner Julie and two sons, Alec and Jack. They have lived in the Goulburn Valley for 26 years so have a great understanding of the importance the irrigation system has on the entire community. 

Stuart comes to the Water Services Committee knowing that change is happening fast but the fundamental of water - being the life blood of our region - has not changed, so he sees it as his role to ensure that change does not inhibit the growth of our communities but enhances it. 

Stuart endeavours to educate himself fully by listening and learning and making himself available to all customers who are stakeholders in our irrigation network. This is to ensure we can have a viable system that will enhance the growth of our community, not hinder it.

Murray McDonald

Murray McDonald 
0417 370 767

Murray has been a Timmering mixed irrigation and dryland farmer since 1960. He started irrigating with open earth cuts and bag sheets for stops and still enjoys the lifestyle, but not the financial return. 

Murray believes the short term outlook for irrigators will be difficult with the Connections Project reset and completion of the modernisation project, and possibly low allocations.

He believes the other possible major change will be in the review of drainage tariffs, where Murray represents the Central Goulburn Water Services Committee on the Drainage Committee.

Ray Sellwood

Ray Sellwood
0428 559 320
Mixed horticulture

Ray has experience growing a variety of crops, including lucern, horticulture, stock and more. He sees on farm irrigation technology and research as the way for our future younger farmers.


Ruth McGrath

Ruth McGrath
0438 034 477
Walnut farm

Ruth is a Toolamba horticulturalist who joined her local WSC to keep up-to-date with regional business and water management issues and to keep other GMW customers informed.

She hopes to bring to the Central Goulburn WSC her experience as a customer and past GMW employee. She believes this will ensure robust and well-informed discussion with GMW and good interaction with customers.

Susan Weardon

Susan Wearden 
0427 517 170

Susan is a Kyabram dairy farmer who joined her local WSC after being invited to attend a number of meetings as a guest and then being inspired to learn more and contribute by becoming a member.

Through the WSC, Susan hopes to gain an understanding of the parameters, decisions and operations carried out by GMW, along with an insight into the issues faced by GMW’s various stakeholders.