Tresco Future Service Strategy

The infrastructure that supplies the Tresco pumped irrigation district was largely constructed in the 1960s and 70s. It’s now ageing and nearing the end of its life.

GMW will now work with Tresco customers to develop a Future Service Strategy for the district.

Put simply, this is a long-term pricing and infrastructure plan for Tresco’s water delivery system.

To do this, we need work with customers to understand what sort of service they want in the future, to develop an infrastructure plan and pricing to match.

GMW will also undertake critical works in the short-term and ongoing, routine maintenance.

This will include an upgrade to the re-lift pump station and replacement of some meters.

Customer consultation

GMW will consult with customers and stakeholders to develop a Future Service Strategy for the Tresco pumped irrigation district.

Consultation will include face-to-face meetings and dependent on outcomes of the initial consultation, later opportunities to provide written and online submissions.

During initial consultation, from November onwards, we will have a series of questions to ask customers relating to current farming practices, future plans and views for the district.

We want to understand each individual customer’s requirements and views to develop a draft Future Service Strategy for further consultation.

Feedback and input during this public consultation will inform the final Tresco Future Service Strategy.

The final strategy and pricing will need to be approved by the Essential Services Committee (ESC) as part of our 2020/2024 pricing submission.

More information

You can provide feedback and seek more information by:

A pumped district working group has also been established for our more broad, Tariff and Pricing Review. This includes representatives from Nyah, Tresco and Woorinen.

Feedback and outcomes from the Tresco Future Service Strategy consultation will be shared with this working group whose role is to assist GMW to develop a tariff and pricing strategy for up to ten years into the future.

You can also find more information in our Frequently Asked Questions.