Mitiamo and district domestic and stock pipeline

Mitiamo Pipeline Project

Construction on the $29 million Mitiamo Pipeline Project has begun with work on the system’s pumping station and storage facility currently underway.

Goulburn-Murray Water has awarded Mitchell Water Australia the contract to construct the 360km Pipeline. Mitchell Water will tackle the construction with multiple crews along the project alignment to ensure project delivery by mid 2021.

Once complete, the pipeline will supply 75,000 hectares north of Bendigo and south west of Echuca near the townships of Mitiamo, Tennyson and Dingee. The new pipeline will provide a year round service to around 150 farming entities and almost 90 rural houses. The project team will install more than 370 tapping points with delivery piped domestic and stock water 365 days per year.

It is expected the Mitiamo Pipeline Project will reduce public and private water losses by more than 1000 ML per year and includes installing 360 km of pipeline, a pump station and 85 ML storage facility.

Landowner engagement

The Mitiamo project team have been busy working with Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAP) and private landowners to ensure we have the appropriate plans and agreements in place to deliver the project and its benefits.  

Cultural Heritage Management plans have been developed via field assessment and engagement with Traditional Owner groups including Yorta Yorta Nations Aboriginal Corporation, Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation and the Traditional Owners of the Pyramid Hill and Terrick Terrick regions.  

The planning process will also benefit from the assistance of Aboriginal Victoria.

The team have contacted more than 150 private farming entities along the project alignment to discuss the project and each landowners particular circumstances. The team are working to issue more than 10 tailored landowner agreements each week until all agreements are in place.

Pipeline construction Partners Mitchell Water are pleased to introduce Helen Dorman as the Landowner Liaison, who will be the contact point for landowners along the pipeline during the construction phase.

Costs and funding

An initial $1.1 million was invested by the State Government for the development of a business case carried out by Goulburn-Murray Water, which has now concluded.

It is estimated construction costs would be about $29 million, incorporating 360 kilometres of pipeline, a pump station and 85ML storage.

State and Commonwealth Governments have invested $24.65 million with the remaining $4.3 million and ongoing costs to be met by landholders.

Of the $24.65 million in government funding, the Victorian Government invested $10.2 million in funding, and the Australian Government invested $14.5 million in funding from the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund.

Any additional on-farm work costs associated with the domestic and stock scheme such as water tanks, troughs, pipe and fittings will be the responsibility of the landowners.

Once completed the newly created Mitiamo Piped Water District will be owned and operated by Goulburn-Murray Water.

More information

We’ve developed a series of fact sheets to provide you with more information about the Mitiamo Pipeline Project.

For more information you can also phone our Customer Service Centre on 1800 013 357 or email