Mitiamo and district domestic and stock pipeline

We are proud to be developing a business case to investigate the feasibility of a new domestic and stock pipeline for the Mitiamo district.

The business case is being developed in partnership with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Coliban Water and the Loddon and Campaspe shires.

It's a competitive process and once complete the business case will be submitted to the Victorian Government.

We will work closely with our customers, potential customers and stakeholders to develop a detailed business case that has the support of the community.

Finalising the business case

Thank you for your contribution toward the Mitiamo and district domestic and stock pipeline business case. Based on what we have heard, we have created a pipeline concept design and a map showing the proposed layout.

The Mitiamo pipeline concept design is shown on this map as a red line. You can zoom into the map to see street names and you will be able to identify your property(s) by the tapping point numbers. The pipeline and tapping point numbers are also shown on the A3 colour plan we have posted to you.

We have mailed customers a plan showing their property and the proposed pipeline with a form for customers to return to GMW indicating their support for the project. The deadline for these forms was August 4 2017.

More information

We’ve developed a series of fact sheets to provide you with more information about developing the Mitiamo business case and also about other GMW owned pipelines.

For more information you can also phone our Customer Service Centre on 1800 013 357.