Board Committees

The Board establishes Committees with specific objectives in order to use Directors’ time more efficiently.

These Committees make recommendations to the Board. The Board retains collective responsibility for decision making.

The membership of these Committees consists of Directors.

Committee Purpose
Finance Committee

Monitors the financial management and accounting responsibilities, delivery of GMW’s annual capital expenditure program, reviews annual financial statements and provides advice to the Board.

Membership: Dennis Quinn, Jonathan Koop.

Audit and Risk Committee

Oversees the internal audit function and program, risk management and compliance and provides advice to the Board.

Membership: Marg O’Rourke (Chair), Margot Henty.

People and Culture

Oversees our remuneration policy and management remuneration.

Membership: Dennis Quinn, Ari Suss.

Customer & Stakeholder Engagement Committee (CASE)

To provide the Board with assurance that GMW is actively and strategically engaging with its customers, stakeholders and incorporating the learnings from its engagement into its plans and operations.

Membership: Alana Johnson (Chair), Marg O’Rourke, Margot Henty, Ari Suss.