Board Committees

The Board establishes Committees with specific objectives in order to use Directors’ time more efficiently.

These Committees make recommendations to the Board. The Board retains collective responsibility for decision making.

The membership of these Committees consists of Directors.

Committee Purpose
People and Culture

Ensure GMW has remuneration policies and practices consistent with the mission, vision and values of the business and which will attract high calibre staff. 

Membership: Dennis Quinn (Chair), Ari Suss, Diane James AM

Risk, Audit and Finance Committee
  • Oversee the internal audit function and program
  • Monitor financial management and accounting responsibilities
  • Review and monitor the annual budget and financial performance
  • Review annual financial statements
  • Advise the Board

Membership: Jonathan Koop (Chair), Margot Henty, Marg O’Rourke, Dennis Quinn, Diane James AM

Customer & Stakeholder Committee

To provide the Board with assurance of GMW's engagement plans and activities.

Membership: Alana Johnson (Chair), Margot Henty, David McKenzie, Ari Suss, Diane James AM