Board Committees

The Board establishes Committees with specific objectives in order to use Directors' time more efficiently. 

These Committees make recommendations to the Board. The Board retains collective responsibility for decision making. 

The membership of these Committees consists of Directors.

Committee Responsibilities
People and Culture
  • Managing Director remuneration and performance 
  • Executive Team remuneration and policy 
  • Staff remuneration increases 
  • External reporting on remuneration 
  • Review and advise on organisational structure 
  • Review succession planning 
  • Review diversity policies, initiatives and assess performance targets 
  • Review management of GMW culture, performance, development of framework and monitor surveys 
  • Review and monitor GMW's management and mitigation of HSW risks

Membership: Dennis Quinn (Chair), Diane James AM, Ari Suss, Alana Johnson AM, David McKenzie

Risk, Audit and Finance
  • Understand and evaluate internal control systems implemented by management
  • Monitor financial management and accounting responsibilities
  • Review and monitor the annual budget and financial performance
  • Review annual financial statements
  • Oversee the internal and external audit function

Membership: Jonathan Koop (Chair), Marg O'Rourke, Dennis Quinn, Patrick McNamara, Diane James AM 

Customer & Stakeholder
  • ​Oversee the implementation and performance of the Communications, Engagement & Partnerships Strategy and Customer Service Strategy 
  • Monitor GMW's engagement risks and their mitigation. 
  • Identify and seize engagement opportunities, including establishing an annual Program of Stakeholder Engagement as appropriate. 
  • Oversight of GMW's customer service standards reported to the Essential Services Commission. 
  • Monitor the operation of GMW's key engagement forums and activities that may be established from time to time.

Membership: Alana Johnson AM (Chair), Margot Henty, Marg O'Rourke, Ari Suss, Diane James AM

Service Planning

  • ​Oversee the development, implementation and review of innovative strategies/programs 
  • Oversee the contribution of GMW's strategic asset management planning 
  • Ensure GMW's capital works program and research program are developed and implemented consistent with GMW's asset management strategy 
  • Oversee the development of capital expenditure measures, targets and benchmarks 
  • Oversee GMW's implementation of the Asset Management Accountability Framework (AMAF) 
  • Provide an annual attestation of compliance with requirements of the Standing Directions on asset management prior to finalising the attestation in the Annual Report. 
  • Oversee the implementation of the recommendations of the February 2018 Strategic Advisory Panel Report relating to asset management

Membership: David McKenzie (Chair), Margot Henty, Jonathan Koop, Dennis Quinn, Diane James AM