Board Committees

The Board establishes Committees with specific objectives in order to use Directors' time more efficiently. 

These Committees make recommendations to the Board. The Board retains collective responsibility for decision making. 

The membership of these Committees consists of Directors.

Committee Responsibilities
Table of board committees and their responsibilities
People and Culture

Oversees GMW's:

  • remuneration policy
  • management remuneration
  • diversity policies and initiatives
  • culture
  • management and mitigation of health, safety and wellbeing risks

Membership: Dennis Quinn (Chair), Diane James AM, Alana Johnson AM, David McKenzie, Marg O’Rourke

Customer & Stakeholder

Oversees GMW's: 

  • strategic engagement with our customers and stakeholders
  • performance against our customer service standards

Membership: Alana Johnson AM (Chair), Margot Henty, Marg O'Rourke, Diane James AM

Risk, Audit and Finance

Oversees GMW's:

  • annual financial statements
  • financial reporting
  • internal and external audit function
  • risk management and compliance
  • annual budget

Membership: Jonathan Koop (Chair), Patrick McNamara, Kris Peach, Dennis Quinn

Service Planning

Oversees GMW's:‚Äč

  • implementation of the Asset Management Accountability Framework (AMAF)
  • development, implementation and review of innovative strategies/programs
  • contribution of strategic asset management planning
  • capital works program and research program
  • development of capital expenditure measures, targets and benchmarks

Membership: David McKenzie (Chair), Margot Henty, Jonathan Koop, Dennis Quinn



Northern Water Alliance Water Futures Taskforce

The Northern Water Alliance consists of the Boards of Goulburn-Murray Water, North East Water and Goulburn Valley Water.  The Taskforce was established by the Alliance to make innovative recommendations to the water corporations. Those recommendations will include matters such as changes to underlying systems, structures and settings to improve readiness for a lower water future.

Taskforce membership includes two Directors from each of the water corporations.  GMW’s members on the Taskforce are David McKenzie (Chair) and Dennis Quinn.