Safe Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water

The Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 designates GMW as a water storage manager and requires us to prepare, implement, review and revise a risk management plan (RMP) in relation to the supply of water to any water supplier (Regional Water Corporations). GMW has had a RMP since 2005 and implementation and continual review of the plan has occurred since then.

Development and implementation of the RMP involved a range of stakeholders including Regional Water Corporations, Catchment Management Authorities and GMW staff. The Act also requires periodic audits of both the RMP and its implementation.

Don't drink the water

GMW reminds customers that all water supplied by GMW is raw (or untreated) and not suitable for human consumption without first being properly treated.


Improving Water Quality

GMW undertakes an annual works program that includes maintenance of assets such as storages and irrigation channels. These works not only ensure the asset continues to perform its function, but can also contribute to improvements in water quality. Two examples of such works include:

  • Rock lining of irrigation channels and rock beaching of erosion areas at storages, and
  • Upgrades to public toilets at reserves adjacent our storages.


  New toilet facilities at Cairn Curran Reservoir

New toilet facilities at Cairn Curran Reservoir

  Rock lining along Number 9 Channel

Rock lining along CG No. 9 channel - town supply for Kyabram


Annual Water Quality Reports

Each year GMW submits a report to the Department of Health and Human Services to satisfy the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 and demonstrate GMW's ongoing commitment to safe drinking water by addressing threats to raw water quality. To download the reports, click on the links below:

Customer Information Statement - Water Quality Format Size
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Annual Reports Format Size
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Copies of GMW's Safe Drinking Water Act annual reports from previous years are available by contacting reception on: 1800 013 357 or


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