Using Groundwater

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a groundwater user?

You must apply to Goulburn-Murray to become a groundwater user. A bore construction licence is required by all persons wishing to drill for groundwater including domestic and stock purposes. Taking and using groundwater for commercial or irrigation purposes requires an additional Take and Use Licence.

For Groundwater and Bore Construction Licence Application Forms click here.

Alternatively, you can now save money and time by applying for a bore construction licence for domestic, stock, investigation, observation or monitoring purposes online.

Do I need a Licence to Take and Use Groundwater?

You cannot extract groundwater without a Licence to Take and Use Groundwater unless groundwater is to be used solely for Domestic and/or Stock purposes. All other purposes require a Licence to Take and Use Groundwater.

How long is a Licence to Take and Use Groundwater valid for?

A Groundwater Licence can be issued for a maximum period of 15 years, although most are issued for a period of 5 years if located in a Groundwater Management Area. You must apply for a renewal of a groundwater licence before the existing licence is due to expire.

What does a Licence to Take and Use Groundwater allow me to do?

A Licence to Take and use Groundwater allows you to take and use groundwater for irrigation, commercial or other licensed purposes. Your licence will detail how much water you can extract and at what rate you can extract it from your bore each year. A Licence to Take and Use Groundwater also details the purpose for which you can use the water and other obligations you are required to adhere to ensure the licence remains valid.

Do I need to meter my groundwater use?

All use requiring a Licence to Take and Use Groundwater must be metered. Metering is a Government policy to improve management of groundwater resources. If a groundwater licence is granted G-MW will provide you with the necessary information required to purchase and install a flow meter.

Do I need to meet the Irrigation Development Guideline requirements?

Irrigation Development Guidelines will be required for all new irrigation developments. You will be contacted if the Irrigation Development Guidelines apply to you.

Do I have to advertise my application in the newspaper or notify my neighbours?

You must notify neighbouring properties and in some cases advertise in a local newspaper prior to lodging your application. The Additional Application Requirements: Advertising and Notifications section at the end of an application form will detail your advertising requirements.  

For further licensing information please contact: Goulburn-Murray Water, Licensing Administration Unit, PO Box 165, TATURA VIC 3616 or call 1800 013 357