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The Upper Ovens Annual Report 2017 is now available.

Water licence holders research: Your experience using water in the Upper Ovens.
RMCG is undertaking a research project that aims to find out water users' priorities and future demand for water, as well as their opinions on current licence controls and water trading arrangements.

Facts & Stats

Area: 1,580km2

Zone Number: 

Zone 1: 1085 & 181 - alluvials & surface water

Zone 2: 1086 - fractured bedrock  


The Upper Ovens Water Supply Protection Area covers the upper Ovens River upstream of the confluence with the Buffalo River near Myrtleford in North East Victoria. Within the Upper Ovens WSPA the shallow groundwater system and the Ovens River are highly connected and are managed in an integrated manner. Rural centres within the boundary include Myrtleford, Bright and Harrietville.

Management Plan

The Upper Ovens River Water Supply Protection Area Water Management Plan was approved by the Minister for Water in January 2012. The Plan affects all licensed water users in the area. The Plan jointly manages both groundwater and surface water and is the first of its kind in Victoria.

The Plan sets out management arrangements for the take and use of water in the Upper Ovens catchment, including rules for water sharing and water trading, and requirements for metering, monitoring and reporting.


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For further information or to obtain technical material relied upon for management arrangements, please contact the Groundwater and Streams section at from GMW on 1800 013 357.