Domestic & Stock

Domestic & Stock Purposes

If you are the owner or occupier of land you may have the right to take and use water, free of charge, solely for the purposes of:

  • household use
  • watering of stock and pets
  • watering of a kitchen garden (up to 0.4 hectares)

While a Bore Construction Licence is required, and the bore must be constructed by a licensed driller, a Licence to Take and Use Groundwater is not required.

Goulburn-Murray Water does not endorse drinking groundwater. The quality and quantity of groundwater extracted from aquifers can vary widely. Groundwater is untreated and should not be considered safe for human consumption without proper treatment.

Groundwater for emergency water supply

During drought conditions, groundwater is often required to meet emergency domestic and stock needs. Information about publically accessible emergency water supply points and an interactive map showing the location of these supply points is available on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning webpage.