Customer Information Statement - Water Quality

(reviewed March 2016)

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) is committed to providing information on the quality of water supplied to customers so that they can make informed choices regarding their use of the water. Under the Safe Drinking Water Act (2003), GMW must also advise customers of the non-potable nature of water supplied by GMW.

GMW supplies raw (untreated) water for irrigation, stock and domestic purposes and for other bulk entitlement commitments. The quality of the water can vary due to a variety of factors such as algal levels, land uses, changes in flow, floods and drought.

Water supplied by GMW is not suitable for human consumption without first being properly treated. This includes water supplied at some of our facilities (e.g. parks adjacent to GMW storages).

GMW works with catchment partners to identify ways of reducing the impacts of land use and development in catchments. This includes water quality monitoring, implementation of land & water management plans and requiring that certain standards are met for developments. GMW’s incident response procedures include the notification of customers and the general public in the event of poor water quality being detected.

GMW monitors its storages and supply systems for various water quality parameters, including nutrients, salinity and blue-green algae. This information is available by contacting reception on:

1800 013 357 or

Collective entitlement holders should advise their customers/users that the water supplied is non-potable, particularly if they run accommodation premises or food businesses, or if the general public has access to the water (e.g. through a public tap).

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