Our planning process

Developing our strategic plan will take some time, but we’re planning for the next five, 10 and 30 years, so we need to get it right.

There are four steps in our strategic planning process. These are:

  • Identifying our opportunities and challenges
  • Developing a strategy for the future
  • Consulting on our draft strategy for the future
  • Finalising our strategic plan.


Step 1: Workshops: understanding our future challenges and opportunities

To make sure we get it right we’ve identified a series of topics we need to cover. Things like:

  • Water resources, regulation and policies
  • Our customers and industry
  • GMW’s current state of business.

Between November and April, we will explore all of these topics particularly looking at “opportunities and challenges” in dedicated workshops.

We will also be speaking to specialists in these fields. These experts will share their stories with our staff, Board, Water Services Committees and our Strategic Advisory Committee.

The topics will be about gathering the facts, identifying how our organisation needs to change and looking at creating opportunities. When we’ve finished considering these topics in detail we’ll develop a findings paper that will outline what we’ve heard and opportunities we’ve identified.

This findings paper will be released to the public.

Step 2: Developing a strategy for the future

Once we have considered all of the themes and information from our workshops, we will look at what we need to do to change as a business. This may be specific actions we need to take.

Ultimately we will be looking at how we can maximise our opportunities to meet our challenges. We plan to do this early in 2017.

Step 3: Consulting on our draft strategy for the future

Once we have established a draft strategy for our future, we will be asking all of customers, our broader stakeholders and community for their thoughts on our plan for the future.

We will be holding public information sessions, where we will talk through the rationale of the plan, and actively seek feedback. There will also be opportunities for everyone to provide feedback online, in person at our Customer Service Centres and via the post.

Step 4: Finalising our plan

Once we have heard from all of our staff, customers, and stakeholders we will finalise our plan by making the necessary changes to ensure we get it right.