What is the Z Boat?

Friday 18 August, 2017

GMW’s Survey Services Team has a number of high-tech survey tools, including the Z Boat.

The Z Boat is a lightweight, remote-controlled GPS-enabled survey vessel. While resembling a scale-model boat, it is packed with sophisticated equipment to perform detailed bathymetric surveys.

GMW primarily uses the tool to determine silt levels and weed infestation in irrigation channels however it can be applied to safely and easily map any inland waterway or storage reservoir.

This tool delivers a safe means to map our irrigation channels and determine where de-silting efforts will provide the greatest return to the business.

In addition, the Z Boat can identify where there are submerged weeds.

Both silt levels and weed infestation block flow and degrade the channels. Traditional methods of identifying the extent of the problem were primitive – requiring field officers to literally wade into channels or make a “best guess” from a small boat. 

The Z Boat’s detailed bathymetric surveys provide vastly superior data concerning the “hidden” condition of our channels. 

Having more accurate data has resulted in considerable cost-savings in reduced labour time and efficient channel operation – all while effectively eliminating some significant OH&S risks.