Torrumbarry Weir gets new electrical control system

Wednesday 23 August, 2017

Holiday-makers know Torrumbarry Weir as a hidden gem in our region – Goulburn Murray Water (GMW) knows it as important infrastructure crucial to the management of the Murray River.

The weir, located about 35km north-west of Echuca, has recently received an upgrade of its electrical and control system to ensure its reliability into the future.

Built just after World War 1 as a removable trestle structure, replaced in 1992 with a permanent “gated” structure, and now further modernised in 2017, the weir has historically been used to store and divert water to farms and businesses in the Torrumbarry Irrigation Area and creates a popular recreational area.

“Today, about 500,000ML of water are diverted from the weir pool for irrigation each year, helping grow food and fibre with a gross value of some $130 million,” GMW Managing Director Pat Lennon said.

The new control system monitors and manages water levels and flows by automatically controlling the six flow release gates, while also providing crucial data about the structure and other aspects of the river to the river operators.

GMW’s Regional Manager Phil Hoare said installing the latest control system ensures the timely and accurate operation of the weir.

“In addition, it also provides more real time data and reduces the risks associated with the failure of older technology,” Mr Hoare said.

The upgrade was done in stages over winter to limit closure of the structure to visitors, who include campers, anglers, boaters and others who enjoy Torrumbarry Weir’s natural beauty.

The weir also has historical interest, with an interactive heritage centre and remnants of the original steel trestle weir structure winched from the river for the last time in 1992.