Prepare now for carryover

Monday 20 February, 2017

GMW is encouraging water entitlement holders to start thinking about how they will use their allocations.

Manager Water Resources Mark Bailey encourages those who may not fully understand how carryover works before the end of the season to speak to GMW.

“Carryover rules apply differently across the different northern Victorian systems,” Dr Bailey said.

“It’s really important those who are not aware how carryover works to call the GMW Customer Call Centre to learn how they can use their water allocation to their advantage this season and for next season.”

Carryover is an arrangement that allows you to keep your unused allocated water in the dams at the end of the season to use in the next season. Carryover is available in the Murray, Broken, Goulburn, Campaspe, Loddon and Bullarook systems. Rules differ across the systems, which is why it is important water entitlement holders know how the rules affect them.

Carryover gives entitlement holders more flexibility to hold, use or trade water when it’s of the greatest value to their business and to prepare for shortages due to drought.

It is available to holders of high and low reliability water shares. Both provide a right to inflows and to store unused water in dams.

Dr Bailey said it was important to understand how carryover rules work each year, to ensure irrigators did not lose water.

“If you wish to carry over water, it is your responsibility to make sure that your unused allocation is in an account that is linked to enough water share volume to meet your carryover needs.”

For more information about low reliability, high reliability, carry over and spillage, please phone the GMW Customer Call Centre on 1800 013 357.