Managing customers' water needs

Monday 13 February, 2017

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) is encouraging its customers to contact their planners to discuss their Autumn irrigation needs ahead of time.

 “We’re doing this because we expect demand for irrigation water to increase during Autumn, which is traditionally a high water use period,” GMW Head of Customer Service and Operations Daniel Irwin said.

 “Our customers also have a significant portion of their water to use after this season’s positive allocations.”

 The rainfall received during the current irrigation season means GMW has delivered 427 GL compared to an average of 864 GL (based on a five year average) with in excess of 900 GL still available to customers in the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID).

 As a result, some channel congestion may occur when demand for irrigation water increases.

 “In instances where irrigation water demand exceeds channel delivery capacity for only a short period, we will schedule irrigation orders - linking start orders with finish orders,” Mr Irwin said.

 “This means we are requesting that customers be flexible with start dates and times to fit demand within available capacity.

 “In isolated locations, where irrigation water demand exceeds channel delivery capacity for an extended period, we may be required to implement a ration cycle. This ensures all customers receive a fair supply as we manage this congestion.”

 Rationing means GMW will be sharing the available delivery capacity. For customers it could mean order start times and durations are changed. These changes will be made based on a customer’s rate of delivery share at a particular service point.

 “If demand for water does not exceed our channel delivery capacity, there will be no change to order scheduling,” Mr Irwin said.

 “To ensure we’re working as closely as possible with our customers to manage their water needs we’re encouraging them to contact their planner to discuss their Autumn irrigation needs.

 “With information on our customers planned irrigation needs we will be able to better balance supply for all customers.”

 To contact a GMW planner phone 1300 469 469.


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