Flow, Slider and Fin to help spread safety message

Monday 2 January, 2017

Students from more than 100 schools across the region joined in the Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) competition to name the characters in our Don’t Swim in Channels campaign - and we now have the winners.

Colourful posters and flyers on display in classrooms and circulating in social media point out the hidden perils of swimming in irrigation channels by featuring the antics of three quirky, cartoon-like characters. The trio, designed to appeal to young people, have – until now – been nameless.

Riley Todd of St Augustine’s College in Kyabram, who came up with “Flow”, Makayla Heap of Cohuna Consolidated School, who created “Slider”, and Lachie Atkins of Stanhope Primary School, who named his character “Fin”, were our winning entries. Flow, Slider and Fin can now continue to help spread the important safety message that swimming in irrigation channels is dangerous.

“We thank Riley, Makayla and Lachie, along with the many other students who entered our competition, for their entries and excellent name suggestions,” GMW Head of Customer Service and Operations Daniel Irwin said.

“There were many deserving entries however we just couldn’t go past Flow, Slider and Fin in our efforts to educate children and reinforce the Don’t Swim in Channels message.

“While our campaign included this fun and creative contest, its ongoing message over summer is as simple as it is serious: never, ever swim in irrigation channels,” Mr Irwin said.

“The hidden dangers of submerged branches, pipes, broken glass along with strong currents, varying depths and regulator gates make any attempt to ‘cool off’ in channels a risky activity – particularly for primary school-aged children.”

GMW has awarded each student $50 for their winning work and $250 to each of their schools.

For more information about the campaign, visit www.gmwater.com.au/dontswiminchannels

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