Aquatic weed treatment to improve channel capacity

Monday 8 May, 2017

A range of aquatic weed treatment programs will take place this winter to ensure our customers continue to have a reliable water supply during the irrigation season.

The treatment is designed to ensure better flow rates and return design capacity to the channels.

Two programs will be carried out over coming weeks using Endothall, a herbicide proven to effectivity treat aquatic weeds, while a further program will be carried out with Imazapyr to treat arrowhead.

For all customers in affected areas please note there will be no access to channel water from 16 May to 14 August.

These customers to make alternative arrangements for water supply. While some water will remain in the channel this will be treated water and will not be fit for use. Please note, water supplied from the GMW channel network is only guaranteed during the irrigation season.

Endothall spraying will be carried out in Shepparton along the East Goulburn Main Channel in the Katandra West and Invergordon districts, and in a number of channels in the Central Goulburn Irrigation Area. Imazapyr spraying will take place in Murray Valley, in the same channels as the successful the 2015 program, to target the one percent of regrowth.

While both treatments have low toxicity to humans and mammals, it is recommended that your livestock do not ingest the channel water. It is also recommended that you do not spray horticulture and broad-acre crops with channel water during this time.

Aquatic weeds in our irrigation distribution affect water flow, promotes silting and causes problems with the automated regulators, impacting water delivery to customers.

We are grateful for our customers’ support and understanding as we continue to improve our water delivery service standards.

For any questions about our aquatic treatment programs, please phone 1800 013 357.