Coulburn-Murray Water manages more than 9 million megalitres of water across 16 storages

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Operating and maintaining 16 water storages across northern Victoria that can hold 9,000,000 megalitres of water - or 70% of the total water storage capacity in Victoria - is an ongoing and major part of Goulburn-Murray Water's (GMW) business.

After a decade of drought moving into unprecedented rain and flooding in some parts of Victoria, we've been closely monitoring our storages not only for their ability to recover from these conditions but also the potential to deal with any additional rainfall experienced across the catchments.

While the primary role of our water storages is to harvest and store customers' water entitlements, GMW provides flood mitigation benefits where possible. Pre-releasing water from a GMW water storage can influence the rate at which a storage fills and is a valuable tool to balance entitlement reliability and flows downstream of a storage.

Storage Status Update 

(Updated 11:00 AM, Monday 25 May 2015)

This information covers the status of storages releases. The forecast releases are an indication only and are to be used as a guide and may change depending on weather conditions. Please check this information daily if your property is subject to inundation at high river levels while releases above minimums are taking place at our gated spillway dams – see FAQs below for an explanation of pre-releases.

Storage releases may change in response to inflows, weather forecasts and observed rainfall.  For real-time river levels please visit the Bureau of Meteorology River Levels website (see link above). 

 Loddon Storages

 Lake Buffalo

 Lake Nillahcootie

 Lake Eppalock

 Lake Eildon

 Goulburn Weir

Dams - How they work

Ever wondered how a dam works? How is the water released and where does it go?

Our 3D animation is designed to show you what a dam looks like, the infrastructure, and challenges in managing water. It allows you to explore different parts of the dam with a slider that demonstrates the effect of changes in water levels.

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