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Account Information brochure


2013/14 Pricelist


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HA Hectares

kL Kilolitres

km Kilometres

ML Megalitres


Under section 281 of the Water Act 1989 interest shall be payable in respect to all amounts payable under a fee or charge if the amount is not paid by the due date. Interest is charged at a rate of 6.9% per annum.

Due Dates

The due date is 16 December 2013 with the exception of:

  • Loddon Valley Irrigation Area which is 16 January 2014
  • Normanville, East Loddon, East Loddon (North) and West Loddon Water Districts which is 16 January 2014
  • Nyah Irrigation District which are 29 September 2013, 29 December 2013, 29 March 2014, 29 June 2014.


Payment of fees or charges can be made by:

  • BPAY: Contact your participating Bank, Credit Union or Building Society to make the payment from your cheque or savings account. Quote Biller Code 72801 and your GMW reference number.
  • Credit Card: Phone 1300 558 729 to make payment and follow the prompts to make payment using Master Card or Visa.
  • Mail: Detach bottom portion of account and mail to GMW, PO Box 165, Tatura VIC 3616.
  • Australia Post: Present the account intact at any Australia Post Office or Post Office Agency.
  • Direct Debit: Contact GMW on 1300 553 200 for an application to have your nominated Bank Account automatically debited.
  • Online: Pay online at and follow the prompts


For 2013/14 there is an annual State Government concession of 50% (with a maximum of $141.95 for water) that applies to eligible pensioners.


For further details contact GMW on 1300 553 200.

Miscellaneous Charges

Private Works


Security Deposit 25% job
Supervision Fee 5% job
Issue Fee / job  78.00

Water District 

Reclassification Fee  144.00
Subdivision Fees:   
  - Subdivision Category A 603.00
  - Subdivision Category A1  869.00

Diversion Works on Crown Land 

Issue Fee  78.00

Small Pipe Outlet 

Issue Fee  131.00

Supply Agreement 

Drainage Supply by Agreement  223.00
High Flow Annual Fee (Drainage only)  67.00
New/amendment to supply by agreement  579.00

Amend District Boundaries 

Extensions or Diminishment of GMW Districts  520.00

Special Meter Reading and Bore Monitoring

Meter Reading & Bore Monitoring Fee  56.00

Normanville Pipelne Scheme 

Capacity Adjustment Request   
  - Application Fee  182.00
Connection Fee   
  - Administration Fee  83.00
  - Tapping/Meter Installation  702.00
  - Entitlement Acquisition / ML 2,123.00
  - Update Models/Plans  191.00

Delivery Share / Reservation Fee 

Application Fee  182.00
Annual Fee:  
  - Shepparton  1,878.91
  - Central Goulburn  3,253.95
  - Rochester   2,808.77
  - Campaspe  2,601.76
  - Loddon Valley  3,300.18
  - Murray Valley  2,965.54
  - Torrumbarry  3,040.91
  - Woorinen  4,836.51
  - Nyah  3,599.64
  - Tresco  4,563.37

Emergency Domestic & Stock Supply 

Emergency Domestic & Stock Supply per Kilolitre  0.40
Emergency Domestic & Stock Supply per Megalitre  396.00

Information Statement 

Land Information Statement  109.00

Water Information Statement 

One Water Share Identification Number (WEE no.)  33.00
Each additional Water Share Identification Number  11.00
Rates and Charges Update - One per statement  33.00
Express Service  50.00

Water Register Copy of Record 

Water Register Information - Copy of Record  24.50

Dams on or off Waterway Fee 

Works on Waterways & Large Dam Construction Licence  2,856.00
Works on Waterways & Large Dam Construction or Operate Licence Renewal, Transfer  691.00
Registration of Construction or Alteration of a Domestic & Stock or Aesthetic Dam  92.00

Waterway Determination Fee 

Waterway Determination Inspection and Report  759.00
Each Additional Assessment Required  357.00

Irrigation Development Guidelines 

Irrigation Development Guidelines Technical Assessment  1,025.00
Irrigation Development Guidelines Final Assessment & Further Information Fee 110.00/hr

Title, Licence & Copy of Record Search 

Title Search Fee Standard Electronic Search  30.00

Groundwater Works Licence Fees 

Domestic & Stock Bore to Construct, Alter and Replace  953.00
Licensable Bore Contruct, Alter, Operate and Replace  1,374.00
Each Additional Licensable Bore Associated with a Construct Works Licence  357.00
Renewal/Transfer of a Works Licence to Construct  406.00
Amendment of a Works Licence to Construct  512.00
Investigation or Monitoring Bore Construct, Alter, Replace and Renew  512.00

Groundwater & Unregulated Surface Water Take & Use Licence Fees 

Application for a Groundwater or Surface Water Licence  1,434.00
Review of Additional Information Required for High Risk Applications  App Fee + 110/hr
Tier 1 - Temporary Trade  186.00
Tier 2 - Temporary Trade Technical Assessment Required 512.00
Review of Additional Information Required  App Fee + 110/hr
Permanent Transfer of Licence Entitlement  1,014.00
Review of Additional Information Required  App Fee + 110/hr
Transfer of Ownership (Land Transfer)  186.00
Renew, Alter, Amalgamate, Subdivide Licence  814.00
Application for Replacement Licence upon Alteration - Category 4  256.00
Registration and Transfer of a Domestic & Stock Bore  96.00
Capital Charge for New Groundwater Entitlement (per licence megalitre)  152.00
Registration Licence to Standard Licence  No Charge
Assessment for Private Rights to Water fee  771.00
Reprint of Licence Unsigned  72.00

Water Share & Allocation

Application for Assignment of Allocation  77.60
Application to Transfer a Water Share  174.20
Application to Vary or Associate a Water Share  146.80
Application to Consolidate a Water Share  146.80
Application to Divide a Water Share  146.80
Application to Divide and Transfer a Water Share  174.20

Land Transactions 

Change of Ownership  68.00
Application to Issue, Transfer or Vary a Delivery Share  173.00
Application for Delivery Capacity Assessment  87.00
Application to Cease to be a Serviced Property  173.00
Application to Issue or Vary a Water-Use Licence  404.00
Application to Cancel a Water-Use Entity  No Charge
Issue / Amend / Renew a Works Licence  691.00
Application to Transfer a Works Licence  186.00

Property Services 

Jetties & Slipways - Application for a New Licence  259.00
Jetties & Slipways - Application for Transfer or Vary 186.00
Occupation - Application for a License  259.00
Occupation - Application for Transfer or Vary  186.00
Regatta Fees - First Day  190.00
Regatta Fees - Consecutive Day  105.00